Elite Squad (2007)

Wagner Moura, André Ramiro, Caio Junqueira, Milhem Cortaz,
Tropa de Elite is a movie starring Wagner Moura, André Ramiro, and Caio Junqueira. In 1997 Rio de Janeiro, Captain Nascimento has to find a substitute for his position while trying to take down drug dealers and criminals before the...
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  • André Batista, Bráulio Mantovani, Rodrigo Pimentel, Luiz Eduardo Soares, Writer:
  • José Padilha, Director:
  • Marcos Prado, Producer:


8 / 10

A must watch movie

It is one of the great movies i have seen in the recent days, and i must add i am very lucky to see this movie.It is about the activities of the drug dealers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and how the police react to this. It shows the corruption within the police and why a special squad called BOPE was formed for stopping the violence in slums. I was astonished to see the corruption in the police and cannot imagine a situation without the BOPE.

The movie greatly portrays the activities of the BOPE which is highly strategical. I liked each and every frame of their activities especially the training of the new recruits, that shows why they are so tough.

Storyline is a narrative type narrated by Capit?o Nascimento(Wagner Moura) who is the captain of the BOPE and a very good fighter and seeks a replacement. Wagner Moura did well in this movie.I liked the portrayal of the story which starts from the middle, go to the start and move on to the end of the movie.

One thing i cannot understand is that the BOPE just go and shoot or threaten to kill people and raid innocent peoples house without any law. They work independently, and it is portrayed in the movie that they can do whatever they want without any permission or laws. I don't think it is possible. But still i think we can justify their activities, because without such powers BOPE cannot fight against those heavily armed slums.

The camera and lighting's are very good.It gives a real effect to the movie.There are a few shot from the sky showing the slums which is excellent.

Anyway it is a must watch movie.You will surely enjoy this movie.If you have seen City Of God and liked it i am damn sure that you will really love this movie as i do.It is like City Of God taken from the other side(law enforcement side).You must really watch this movie, or else you are gonna miss something great.

9 / 10

Brilliant film, a master work

Rumor has it that until this film Brazilian cinema tended to portray criminals as endearing types cleverer than police. "Elite Squad" pulls no punches: Cops can be as corrupt as criminals. Such candor has seldom been seen since "Serpico" in long gone 1974. Sadly, profit-seeking films increasingly replace human beings with cost-cutting special effects in tune with our age of technological brainwashing. At least in "Elite Squad" human beings still feel human, however unpleasant they might be. The central figure is Captain Nascimento who has no qualms about torturing or killing criminals and corrupt cops are especially not safe from him. He sees himself as the ideal leader but he is disintegrating under stress and has a glorified vision of his powers which he cannot quite reproduce with his wife at home. Human rights groups will have a field day listing all the violations - but survival is crucial in the nether world, be it Rio or any other place on the planet. Despite its violence and amorality this film has highly effective moments of comic relief. I would like to praise the excellent direction by José Padilha and the generally superb acting, with special plaudits for Wagner Moura, Caio Junqueira and Andre Ramiro in the central roles.

7 / 10

The real face of violence

From Brazil with fury: Tropa de Elite shows us, with realistic violence, all the horrors of the drug war in Rio de Janeiro "favelas" (slums). Many other movies shows us the violence and crime of Brazil, first of all the pulp masterpiece "City of God". The same authors of that movie, in this case, explore the world of police. The movie is narrated by Capt. Do Nascimento, a real officer (with a fake name). He's an officer in the elite military police Corp, the Bope. A black uniform with a skull as its symbol (two elements that remind Fascism) to fight the crime. They don't make interrogations: they torture suspects to obtain informations. They don't arrest: they just have to kill. This Corp is employed for extreme emergency, in the most dangerous areas where the police is armless. 1997: before the visit of Pope John Paul II in Brazil, Bope is deployed in favelas, cleaning them from criminals. The violence of special forces is needed? if you want the Pope live and able to speak about peace and fraternity to Brazilian people. In that period, Do Nascimento explain us the career of two Bope's volunteers: agents Neto and Matias, from their beginning in the regular police to their initiation in Bope's parallel universe.


They can't make a career in the regular police because they are too honest to accept all the corruption and the compromises inside it's hierarchy. And so, they have to turn violent and enter the Bope to fight the crime seriously. This is a personal trail full of sacrifices. Neto loses his life in action. Do Nascimento destroys his family. Matias loses part of his humanity: his love affair, his promising career in law. Finally he loses his sense of pity. And he becomes a real war machine. Those sacrifices are inevitable in an uncompromising World in which you have only to choose between criminality and repression. Because all the other rings of the chain are corrupted. Intellectuals preaches theories against an abstract "repression" and they don't understand the crime. Social workers are compromised with criminals (violently punished by them if they don't obey) and they simply can't do the good for society. Regular police (the State) is itself corrupted by criminals. And then: only brute force (with all its horrors) can fight the crime. Tropa de Elite is not only a good movie about Brazil. Its message is universal. Those who repeat that "in real World white and black don't exist, there is only Grey" are wrong. Padilha show us how criminality oblige us to make a radical choice. A choice not easy, not at all.

7 / 10

Realistic and violent picture about a Special Police Battalion attempting to take down drug dealers and killers in Rio De Janeiro

Excellent and thrilling film based on real events . 1997, Captain Nascimento (Wagner Mouraw , this character was based on screenwriter Rodrigo Pimentel) has to find a substitute for his occupation while trying to take down drug dealers and criminals before the Pope comes to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil . On the streets of Rio only the elite survive . The movie deals about BOPE , a Special Operations Squad similar to American SWAT and their fight against factions in Favelas Rio Janeiro . Nascimento have to choose a replacement between Neto (Junqueira) and Matias (Andre Ramiro , this role was based on screenwriter André Batista , former members of the BOPE squad) who leads the dangerous assignment to take down the drug-lords .

This stirring film has breathless , brutal scenes , a gut punch of an action film . It concerns on a special unit of urban combat taking on the daily challenges of dealing with pressure at home and fighting an unnamed war on Rio Janeiro slums . Interesting and brooding screenplay from the Academy Award nominated writer of City of God . Many critics have considered as a tremendous movie , on the level of some of the Martin Scorsese or Francis Ford Coppola pictures . A must see, a cross between the Departed , The Wire and City of God . It's a thought-provoking and clever studio of an Elite Squad , about police corruption , and unflinching remark at the underbelly of Rio Janeiro , plenty of drug-lords , burglars and assassins . Runtime film is overlong but it's fast moving and for that reason isn't boring but it's entertaining . The picture grossed at box office , it had a total public of 2.4 million paying viewers while playing in theaters in Brazil , in addition to the estimated 11 million who watched the bootleg copies and got a final version slightly different from the pirated one. In fact , this film was already a best-seller almost three months before its official release . Illegal copies of what the director called the "3rd cut" flooded the streets of all major capitals in Brazil, for the equivalent of five dollars a piece . The characters are based on actual people , as Andre Matias was a member of BOPE and was a honest man who finds himself torn between his life as a BOPE member and his life long dreams of being a lawyer . Exciting as well as moving musical score . Composer Pedro Bromfman is the man behind Padilha's critically acclaimed sensation "Elite Squad" and the smash hit sequel and he's re-teamed with the filmmaker for "RoboCop" .

Direction by Jose Padilha is awesome , stylish , and overuse Steadycam ; this award-winning Brazilian filmmaker directed this ¨Elite Squad¨ and sequel , the smash hit followup , ¨Elite Squad: The Enemy Within¨ both of them have been monster hits in his native Brazil and beyond . Director José Padilha claimed that this movie ends his trilogy about urban violence in major Brazilian cities . The first one, ?nibus 174 (2002), was a documentary meant to explain how the state's indifference towards poor people can lead to the formation of violent criminals . The second, Elite Squad (2007), meant to explain how the state's indifference towards law enforcement agencies will often result in police brutality and corrupt officers . And finally, the last movie deals with the reasons behind the state's choice to ignore the poor and the police . These movies were Brazil's official submission to the Best Foreign Language Film category of the Academy Awards . These films had a lot of box office , about 11.1 million paying viewers made it the most seen movie in Brazilian cinema history . It also became the highest-grossing film of all time in Brazil, beating Avatar . The first feature film in English for this director resulted to be RoboCop , making his Hollywood debut , and inventively breaks down ,reconfigures and soups up the core half-man, half-machine cop-hero conceit.

9 / 10

What a movie!

Wow! What a movie! It's breathtaking! I've seen it yesterday at Belgrades Film Festival, and I'm still thinking about it. It's very raw and very true, so powerful!

It's about life in poor areas of Rio De Janeiro. It's about everyday life that most of us can not imagine for a minute, but on the other hand, the characters in this movie live this kind of life almost without wanting to live different.

When the movie is over it makes you think about what is the price of living, and what is the price for your life, and the life of people around you.

The camera and editing are great, and the actors gave their best...

Wow! What a movie...