Ek Villain 2 (\N)

John Abraham, Arjun Kapoor,
A devoted grandson embarks on a complicated and comic journey to fulfill his ailing grandmother's last wish.
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3 / 10

Why Arjun kapoor .. why?

There are many talented actors, so why pick someone who has zero expression and a confused reaction on his face all the time? If tall actors were needed, there is Vicky and his brother sunny who can act. Love you Neena Gupta. Stopped watching mid_way. Watch Army of the dead. Zombies act better than Arjun.

1 / 10

I don't know why Neena Gupta agreed to do a film with World's most pathetic actor Arjun Kapoor

I mean if you have watched the film, clearly there is such a vast demarcation in line of talent between the actors. Arjun Kapoor has once again proved that he is the most laziest and terrible Actor. In next few years just like his other starkid friends he can be clearly seen producing movies and quit acting. I mean how many time you check the patience of Public who subscribes your channel.

2 / 10

This is it. Arjun Kapoor should stop acting.

Sardar Ka Grandson is one movie that you need to avoid. The trailer looked bad and the movie is nothing but a non-stop trail of a poor and sketchy story that does not entertain.

Netflix has to rethink its strategy regarding Hindi movies. They are good with their English shows and foreign titles but they have bad Hindi movies in their catalog. Drive. Mrs. Serial Killer. Ginny Weds Sunny. Chopsticks. House Arrest. Maska. The Girl on the Train and now, this one.

Arjun Kapoor- Our so-called hero is the main reason why this movie is a complete failure. He is lazy as an actor. There is not a single shot where he is trying to impress you. Further, the writing is poor where we don't see meaty roles and dialogues.

John and Aditi managed to offer some relief. They look good as a couple. Further, you have Neena Gupta as the Dadi and Kanwaljeet Singh as Arjun's father and Neena's son. Don't have any major expectations here as they all have sketchy roles but at least, they look a little genuine.

The whole scenario where Arjun is in Pakistan is the worst part of the movie. The scenes and most importantly, the idea of lifting a century-old house looks plain stupid. I was hoping for some real sense but Nah, the makers did not make any effort here.

The premise is cheesy.

The twists are boring.

The pace is lackluster.

This kind of Bollywood is uninspired.

Please, do NOT watch this one.

1 / 10

Netflix it's yours responsibility to give us good content

Netflix if you will give such non actors chance again and again then we will start campaign against you.

1 / 10

Boney Kapoor's kids movies are always super flop

Boney Kapoor's kids movies are always super flop, this is not a good movie and the main actor Jurum kapoor does not know how to act, himesh would had been much better. Even Jhatvi kapoor is a bad actresses. Netflix should give more chances to new upcoming and non-nepotism actors.