Edge of Winter (2016)

Joel Kinnaman, Percy Hynes White, Tom Holland, Rachelle Lefevre,
When two brothers are stranded by a brutal winter storm with an unpredictable father they barely know, the boys begin to suspect their supposed protector may be their biggest threat.
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  • Kyle Mann, Writer:
  • Rob Connolly, Director:
  • Jonathan Bronfman, Producer:


4/10 / 10

It started off promising. The lead role is mostly played well andeverything seemed set for a good movie. The feel and the productionvalue was good. However, as the film progressed, it began to fall flat.Despite a good effort from the lead character, the character is notwell written. I am not complaining about initial ambiguity, but at theoverall way the lead character as well as all the other characters arescripted poorly. None of the characters have any depth and the wholestory became 2 dimensional and irritating well into the film. But sincemy wife and I had invested good part of an hour by then, we continuedwatching anyway. This turned out to be an error on our part.

The problem is two fold. The viewer is not allowed to connect witheither children even though there is every reason to. The viewer isalso left hanging at the end of the movie with a very unsatisfactoryoutcome. I would not recommend it for that reason.

4/10 / 10

4/10. Two brothers are with their unpredictable father for the weekendand find themselves stranded in the snow.

I did find at time that the tension was enough to keep you intrigued,but it kind of never explained itself and what it was trying toaccomplish.

It had all the makings of a good film but just wasn't, main actor JoelKinnaman was fairly convincing in his role and the two boys did s greatjob. The whole thing just fell flat with very sloppy story telling thatwas basically non existent.


/ 10

Usually I go by the review from IMDb ...

This one I totally disagree with... It holds you on the Edge/ as thetitle reads. It is about an abusive situation and very realisticallydone. Most of know someone like this guy or have known ... He continuesto make stupid decisions and the kids are trying to respect him astheir parent until their sense of survival kicks in. This is a don'tmiss movie!!!

7 / 10

Great Acting, Decent Movie

No idea why people are harshing on this movie. Yes, the plot is simple, but that's because it's not a horror flick or action flick - - it's a psychological family drama thriller. As in, tense.

There's beautiful scenery, minimal music, and other than a few scenes (not going to spoil that), most of what happens is fairly straightforward. Joel Kinnaman, looking a bit haggard, (the delicious co-star of The Killing) delivers top-notch acting, as do both of the boys. Their relationship and interaction is believable, and thankfully, there isn't any annoying precociousness or preciousness in the kid's characters.

I'm not sure what people were expecting from the movie, but after reading some of the reviews/comments, I watched it anyway, and I wasn't disappointed. If you're looking for something with a lot of violence or gore, or some feel-good story with a dramatic ending, this isn't the film for you. If you are looking for a somewhat bleak story line with great acting, then check it out.

7 / 10

Likely textbook story with a very good portrayal

I picked this one to watch because I like a lot of snow and snowbound adventures/misadventures; while not being wildly original and despite that gorgeous Lefevre being shown too little, it does feature Kinnaman's acting chops in quite a genuine portrayal. Having seen him in other stuff here and there, I was impressed. The story could be run on Lifetime's night lineup, but it's not reducible to that – the series of worsening events snowball inexorably without steering too hard toward this or that direction, holding on to a steady thread of realism. It's something to check out for a late chill-out, especially if curious about Kinnaman's role and work.