Earwig (\N)

A 50-year-old caretaker is employed to look after 10-year-old girl. His most important task is to maintain her dentures that are made of ice and must be changed several times a day.
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  • Brian Catling, Geoff Cox, Writer:
  • Lucile Hadzihalilovic, Director:
  • Jean des Forêts, Andrew Starke, Producer:

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10 / 10

Perplexing and Eerie

"You have a week to prepare her to be on the outside." The chilling, emotionless instructions come over the phone to a creepy, unfeeling, shell of a man. This man, Albert, treats a ten-year-old girl in his charge like she is a machine or an experiment, not like the child that she is. Albert does not let her out of the house. He changes her braces of metal and ice, feeds her, and little else. The little girl dutifully follows his instructions and submits to the darkness and control. The meaning of it all is unclear.

Earwig is a perplexing, eerie, bizarre, shocking, and fascinating puzzle to unravel. It is full of colorful sequences of light that reflect the emotional states of characters. It is unsettling, strange, and disturbing, yet entrancing and radiant. By bending reality, immersing you in low light and moody music, and with flashbacks, the film brings you into a Kafka-like story. There are so many questions left unanswered; a girl diving into water, a woman watching, stabbings, surprising emotional shifts, a girl singing that triggers deep emotions, and so much more.

In an introduction to the film the director encourages the audience to keep an open mind. Try to keep your head from exploding is better advice.

World premiere seen at the Toronto international film festival. English is the spoken language of this film based on a novel by Brian Catling. Not streaming anywhere yet.

5 / 10

weird european filmaking...

That tells me that one have to be a bit psychedelic and its a plus to have a brain like a mashed potato when conceiving the idea to this rather dubious and introvert carachtertableau, a film with loads of dark , loads of drivelling teeth and all the caracteristics of deep psychological drama.

The story can be elaborated in multipel ways, therefore loads of metaphorical filmreviewers can devour and will produce their own visionaries, the grumpy old man aint that kind, i may praise the filmography and the episcopal way of acting, its like a druid circus at moments of repetitiveness and claustrophobia. As an art film its a recommend, but it aint a film for the masses.

7 / 10

Pulling Teeth

Pretty pictures do not a film make.

Though Earwig has great cinematography and an ethereal glass harmonica score, it is dramatically inert from the word go.

It comes off as dull and pretentious and squanders its moody setting and mysterious premise.

Lucille Hadzihallilovic's third feature is arguably her weakest and most self-indulgent yet.

7 / 10

Dark and Twisted

Earwig is so dark and twisted that you will either love it or hate it.

It reminds me of a 1989 movie I saw with a friend that was so bizarre and dark, that i never forgot it, never want to see it again, but in an odd way love it. That was, The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Love.

Though Earwig's story is nothing like it, it has that same kind of darkness running throughout.

It pulls off so many technical concepts they teach in film school excellently, to the point I gave it at least a star or two higher than maybe i would if I hadn't gone to film school.

I don't think there is a good wayto describe this movies story.

It is very much an artistic movie from a story perspective, with minimal dialogue and there are elements of it that remind of Tim Burton's darker movies.

100% recommended for anyone in film school or interested in filmmaking or cinematography.

Otherwise, it's dark, weird, and strange enough I'd say don't watch it unless your in a good mood and mentally healthy.


5 / 10

The female mystery

This movie is very clearly open to many different interpretations, mine is mostly based on my emotional response. I think in a way this work kinda dives into the hidden fear and repulsion many people have towards the female body: menstruations, fertility, pregnancy, etc.

Albert is scared by Mia's first symbolic period, has unnerving memories of his wife's pregnancy and Celeste's character speaks for itself. The war barely ended so we also have another layer of violence to add to the complex situation.

It's a very very interesting movie but the pacing is glacial so I can't give it more than 5.