E yu tou hei sha xing (1978)

Jim Kelly, Sing Chen, Tao-Liang Tan, Nami Misaki,
E yu tou hei sha xing is a movie starring Jim Kelly, Sing Chen, and Tao-Liang Tan. An American insurance investigator goes to Hong Kong to retrieve a famous diamond stolen by a local criminal organization.
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8 / 10

Unjustly Maligned Kung Fu Classic

Having had the rare opportunity to see it in the Mandarin/Chinese language , I can give a review that is more fair than some others. "Tattoo Connection," or "Hong Kong Connection" in certain regions, is a wildly entertaining, colorful and stylish Chinese import, that happens to star a martial arts legend who belongs to the West. Sometimes billed as "Black Belt Jones 2," this film has no connection to that earlier movie, which had a very different, and much lighter tone. Jim Kelly, who is basically the embodiment of everything that was considered cool in the 1970's, stars as Lucas, a CIA agent on a mission to recover a stolen priceless diamond. Lucas is sent to Hong Kong to find the missing jewel, and encounters a criminal organization, and an underworld of violence, espionage and death. The Hong Kong setting is brilliant, as the city is one of the most mysterious and fascinating places in the world, and like Hong Kong, "Tattoo Connection" is filled with color and decadence, as well as eroticism, something rarely found in this genre. Sadly, this film was poorly marketed in the West; this is a patently "Eastern" production,with Eastern sensibilities. So when distributors got their hands on it they apparently tried to Westernize it, by dubbing everyone with totally silly English dubbing with British accented actors. The result of that is a kind of "death blow," stripping the movie of it's intense mood and turning it into silly comedy. It's very apparent that it's a much better movie when you watch it in Mandarin with English subtitles. Unfortunately that version is very rare. A personal favorite of mine, I put it up there with more respected Martial Arts titles such as "Master of the Flying Guillotine" and "Boxer From Shantung," and even "Enter the Dragon." It is a film I can watch repeatedly and never be bored with. The kung fu action is fast and furious, with well choreographed fights that look quite authentic. There is also quite a bit of sex and nudity on screen, but it's all done very well, and doesn't look cheap. A remastered dvd in it's original 2;35 aspect ratio, (and original language) would be most welcome.

10 / 10

"I`m gonna give you a special performance"

"i couldnt give a shit" what an opening line.laughing from the start at the bad camerawork,acting,clothes,hair and dubbing this film is a classic.Flash legs tan is on amazing form his kicks are just great a real martial artist of the highest quality.Jim kelley is also on form(with terrible but funny dubbing)and philisophical wisecracks and quips.Favorite scene has to be where the fat dog is getting mercilessly beaten by bolo yeung and his associate with bars and fists.just as they are drowning him the camera looks up at them to give a first person perspective of them scowling angrily pure magic.the plot isnt up to much a diamond heist undercover ex c.i.a man in search of thieves doublecrossing and killing ensue nothing new here.i would recomend people see this movie funny dubbing and good flash legs martial arts what more can you ask for

7 / 10

Dorian Tan meets Blaxsplotation

Tattoo Connection is a cheap exploitation film featuring several veterans of kung fu cinema's glory days. Overall the film is horrible, filled with gratuitous nudity and bad acting, but there are a few nice fight sequences from the veteran cast.

The bright spot of the film is Dorian Tan (Tao-liang Tan). Tan stared in such films as "The Hot, the Cool and the Vicious" and John Woo's "Hand of Death," and also tutored kung fu star John Liu (Secret Rivals, Incredible Kung Fu Mission)in the martial arts. Tan gives an excellent physical performance in the film, featuring his trademark Taekwondo high kicks.Tan plays a very unbelievable villain because there is something about him that always looks honorable and righteous. Jim Kelly (Enter the Dragon, Black Belt Jones) the international middleweight karate champ, proves again that he is a terrible actor but a decent martial artist. He gives perhaps one of the strongest martial arts performances of his career in this film.

Sing Chen veteran of such films as Sammo Hung's "Iron Fisted Monk" and "New Fist of Fury" plays the villain. Sing Chen is famous for his muscular build and impressive martial arts skills. At the film's climax he faces down with both Dorian Tan and Jim Kelly in a nicely choreographed fight sequence before he meets his demise. Bolo Yeung plays a henchman and has a few funny scenes. Also making appearances in the film are Lee Hoi Sang (Magnificent Butcher, Shaolin Master Killer), Sham Chin-bo (Master of the Flying Guillotine, Secret Rivals 2), and a young Wong Yat-fei (Shaolin Soccer).

Dorian Tan would go on to make more films with director Lee Tso Nam including "Challenge of Death" and "The Leg Fighters." Kelly would go on to pursue a career in pro tennis. This film features many veterans of the kung fu movie world but unfortunately they put together a film that is average at best. The weak plot, ridiculous nude scenes and politically incorrect statements weaken this film quite a bit but the above average fight scenes (especially the ones featuring Tan) make Tattoo Connection one of the best of the blaxsploitation/martial arts films.

Martial Arts Rating: 7/10

Over All Rating: 5/10

5 / 10

Disappointing Story, Good Fights.

After a diamond worth an estimated three million dollars American is stolen, the insurance company sends their top agent former CIA operative Lucas (Jim Kelly) to Hong Kong to find it. Meanwhile the gang that stole it, lead by one Mr. Lu (Sing Chen), is aware of Lucas and is determined to prevent anyone from interfering with their plans eliminating threats by any means necessary. Can Lucas survive long enough in such an hostile environment to locate the stolen diamond or will he become yet another victim?

The basic plot to this one is pretty straightforward but it hardly makes Jim Kelly's Lucas look all that bright especially given the fact the gang have to actually send Lucas an invite for a showdown before he even discovers their hideout. I did enjoy the subplot involving Nana as it gave way to some unexpected surprises. Overlooking its weak plot, where TATTOO CONNECTION delivers is in terms of its Martial Arts fighting action. Jim Kelly kicks some major butt and its fun to see him tangling once again with Bolo Yeung and with the likes of Sing Chen and Tao-liang Tan. Just good straight-forward action, no need for wire tricks and the like.

7 / 10


Jim Kelly is awesome Kung Fu martial artist, he is fast and can move like the wind, and is cut like a ninja to boot. He is one Badassmofo!! In this film he is hired by an insurance company to find a stolen diamond. One of the persons he has to go up against is Bolo Yeung, who worked with Jim in Enter the Dragon. The movie is dubbed and cheesy but I loved anyway cause the first time I saw it I was a kid. There is jumpsuit/tracksuits with the flared bell bottoms galore in this one too, just so you won't be disappointed!! All of it was filmed in Hong Kong, with tons of familiar Hong Kong actors.