Dying for Chocolate: A Curious Caterer Mystery (2022)

Nikki Deloach, Andrew W. Walker, Jaycie Dotin, Jason Schombing,
A single mom who's thrust into the role of town sleuth to help solve a friend's mysterious death.
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  • Diane Mott Davidson, Erinne Dobson, John Christian Plummer, Writer:
  • Anthony C. Metchie, Director:
  • Cynde Harmon, Producer:
6 / 10

Too different

I remember when I started reading about Goldy. I went with my mom to a thrift store. Immediately, I went to find the books.

I rifled through some. Then I picked up "Cereal Murders".

I love mysteries and I love cooking and was a caterer. So this book was right up my alley.

I purchased all her books. I've been reading them for years. And, I've often talked to the author on Facebook when I was on the site.

We've talked about how exciting it would be to turn these books into movies.

Well, fast forward to the 2010's.

I saw adverts on HM&M for "Murder She Baked". It was from author J. F.I've never read her books but the movies were all great. Maybe that's why I loved the shows. I didn't have her books to compare them to.

Fast forward to April 2022.

I was watching the HM&M channel when an ad popped up. "Curious Caterer: Dying for Chocolate". My heartbeat picked up. I just knew it had to be from my favorite author: Diane Mott Davidson. I had read the book.

I set a reminder on my phone and set it to record on my FRNDLY app.

Sunday night. All tucked it with snacks.

Pressed play.

My 1st eye furrowing moment? "Marla". The actress was very skinny.

I know "Marla" from the books. She is chubby. She loves Goldy's desserts and is always happy to taste test. She had lighter color hair. She was flirty, funny, sarcastic and sassy.

Was HM&M afraid to have an actress even 5 lbs. Overweight?

Next. "Olive"? The daughter?

No. Goldy has a son named Arch.

She also has an assistant. Vegetarian Julian.

Next was the catering. I wanted to see more cooking. Goldy, in the book, cooked when she needed to work out the mysterious details in her mind.

Andrew and Nikki were good. I only wish her hair had some curl and did more Goldy type things. Like wake up and do her yoga stretches 1st thing. Desperately reaching for that single or double shot espresso and sweet treat for breakfast.

My biggest disappointment?

The JRK wasn't the jerk. At all.

In the movie, Dr. John Richard Korman(love that his initials look like 'jerk') is warm, kind, caring, sympathetic and a great father.

He was so awesome, one wonders why he and Goldy divorced in the 1st place.

In the book, he was an abusive super jerk who cheated constantly. Goldy's thumb was proof. Among other body parts when he knocked her around.

And, he would sometimes use Arch to try and get to Goldy.

I get that this aired on the HM&M channel. And, they only air movies from PG-PG13.

To see a more accurate presentation of Diane's books, it would have to be on LMN or another channel that shows a bit more riskier TV.

Will I watch every episode in this series? Of course.

Maybe they'll be more comfortable in their roles.

I just wish they didn't stray so very far away from the books.


8 / 10

Hope they do more

Nikki Deloach and Andrew Walker are really good together. The chemistry between them is good and they were humorous in this movie.

I've read all the Diane Mott Davidson books. If you're expecting a duplicate of the books, you'll be disappointed. But, the movie was good on its own.

4 / 10

Do-over needed for a dynamic duo.

The only thing good about this one was the chemistry between good-friends-in-real-life Andrew Walker and Nikki Deloach. They were great together. But no one behaved like normal humans would in their professional or private lives. They would either get fired or be shunned by the community. It was a silly premise and everyone behaved like idiots.

8 / 10

Andrew and Nikki go together like chocolate and shortbread.

Love the two main actors! Nikki and Andrew really made the show. They're very talented. They fit the roles well and know the importance of facial expressions and body language to really enhance the reality of a scene. I'm looking forward to seeing them in more mysteries.

The storyline was alright, I liked how it felt different than the typical. I enjoyed the red herrings and how they kept us guessing. The ending did feel a bit short. It wasn't my favorite of the Hallmark mysteries (as I've watched them all haha) but it would make the short list and I would definitely recommend it. I'm hopeful that they will make more of this series.

6 / 10

Cute hallmark romance murder mystery

While it didn't go strictly by the book, the curious caterer mysteries for more than a few things right. The storyline was well developed and not entirely predictable. Leads had good chemistry. Ending was abrupt, I'll be needing a sequel.