Dude Ranch (2019)

A Summer Romance is a TV movie starring Erin Krakow, Ryan Paevey, and Sarah Strange. Richard flies to Montana to buy a 2500 acre ranch with money problems from Sam, and build a resort. Sam turns out to be a cute, single woman.
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10 / 10

A wonderful movie

I absolutely love this movie .hope their is a part 2

10 / 10

Great Movie that Deserves a Sequel

I agreed completely ..... This Move should have a sequel. It was outstanding and the chemistry between the Stars was perfect. Definitely the Best of Hallmark's Summer Movies!

8 / 10

Beautiful scenery but..

Love the movie and actors overall, but there was one thing I had a hard time getting over. Sam always had a little too much make-up and nice hairdo to be working on a ranch. Plus, the hat just did not look natural on her. (Just my opinion though)

10 / 10

High ratings for a reason

Not sure what that other review is referring to, because the acting and sentimentality were its highlights. If you are a fan of quality Hallmark movies, then this is one for you.

10 / 10

Great Movie

Loved this movie. Erin Krakow and Ryan Paevey were great together. Laughed through out the movie. Needs a sequel.