Drunk Bus (\N)

Har Mar Superstar, Dave Hill, Martin Pfefferkorn, Frank Iero, Pineapple Tangaroa,
Drunk Bus is a movie starring Kara Hayward, Charlie Tahan, and Zach Cherry. A directionless, young campus bus driver and a punk rock, Samoan security guard named Pineapple form an unlikely kinship as they navigate the unpredictable...
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  • Chris Molinaro, Writer:
  • John Carlucci, Brandon LaGanke, Director:
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9 / 10


This is absolutely perfect. It is in every respect so real, relatable and funny and covers every aspect of a coming of age comedy. That every big budget college campus movie has ever tried to be, but never comes across as cliched, trite or forced. You know every character, you've lived every experience but this is a great reflection of a relatable characters transformation through things that we've all been through. The script is great, its not playing for laughs but remains believably funny and endearing throughout,. I'm writing this review 60% of the way through and I can't fault; I'm willing to put my stamp on this before I've seen how it pans out. This is a movie that makes you smile all the way through, a lot of big studio movies trying to get this feel could learn a lot from. Great direction, script and acting. Enjoy.

10 / 10

So great!

This movie captures the college years and coming of age so perfectly. It's funny and relatable but not in an overly done slap stick way. It was so well done.

10 / 10

One of the best comedies of the year

Fun movie with a ton of laughs. A must watch. Stick around until after the credits!!!

7 / 10

It's a win

Came here for Charlie Tahan as Im a big fan since Ozark, without expecting much about the movie. Turned out to be quite entertaining with some good laughs here and there. Simple movie about life, and our abilities to make decisions / take actions, pictured in a college where Michael (Charlie) seems to get as stuck in real life as he is in the night bus he's driving every night on a loop, to bring back drunk college kids from parties to their places.

Good acting, likeable characters, and very funny moments. This movie put a big smile on my face.

10 / 10

Aww once in a while there are still 10s around...

...made my evening, forgot when I laughed last that often spontaneously in a movie! :) will definetly look for others written by John Carlucci!

Great acting, believable characters (real-life(ish)Grab a friend (if available), watch it and enjoy the story!