Dreamland (2018)

Margot Robbie, Travis Fimmel, Kerry Condon, Garrett Hedlund,
Dreamland is a movie starring Finn Cole, Margot Robbie, and Travis Fimmel. A teenager's adventures as a bounty hunter take an unexpected twist.
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  • Nicolaas Zwart, Writer:
  • Miles Joris-Peyrafitte, Director:
  • Tom Ackerley, Rian Cahill, Brad Feinstein, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, Producer:


1 / 10

What a Mess!

I am easy to please when it comes to movies but between the over acting and the ridiculous makeup and costumes in this movie I got lost. I'm still not sure what it was supposed to be about.

9 / 10

This should be the launching pad of some brilliant careers

I had hard time believing Mile Joris-Peyrafitte, the director of this brilliant film and Nicolaas Zwart, its script writer have done so little so far. Even Lyle Vincent who's responsible for the amazing cinematography of this move has a relatively short CV. It doesn't show, in fact it looks like the job of some old masterful veteran of the trade. When this superlative trio combines with Margot Robbie, who has already proved herself on screen many times in the last few years and with Finn Cole, Travis Fimmel Kerry Condon and the very promising Darby Camp (who's career is already longer than some of the other names I mentioned here). What we get is simply a very good movie that should serve as launching pad of many Hollywood careers.

I could elaborate on each specific detail of this great movie, but it's so straight forward that I feel all I should do is send you all to the cinema to watch it.

6 / 10

outlaw on the run

Greetings again from the darkness. Outlaws on the run have been fertile ground for movies over the years, and young director Miles Joris-Peyrafitte and writer Nicolas Zwart give the genre their best shot (pun intended). The easiest comparisons are probably Sam Peckinpah's THE GETAWAY (1972), Jonathan Demme's SOMETHING WILD (1986), and Arthur Penn's Oscar nominated classic BONNIE AND CLYDE (1969). However, given the style of this film, Terrence Malick's BADLANDS (1973) was likely more of an influence for the filmmakers.

Phoebe Evans (as voiced by Lola Kirke, GONE GIRL, daughter of Bad Company drummer Simon Kirke) is our narrator, and from 1955 she recounts the story of her half-brother Eugene. Most of what she tells takes place twenty years earlier - 1935 Dust Bowl Texas during the Great Depression. Finn Cole ("Animal Kingdom") stars as Eugene, and we pick up a few years after his dad left the family behind and headed for what he expected would be an easier life in Mexico. Mother Elizabeth (Kerry Condon, "Breaking Bad") is now re-married to local Deputy George Evans (Travis Fimmel, LEAN ON PETE) and his bad haircut, and they now have a young daughter Phoebe (the magical smile of Darby Camp, THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES). Eugene reads Detective stories and mostly tries to stay out of George's way, while Phoebe is a curious little sister, easily the most intelligent of the lot.

One fateful day, Eugene's beloved detective stories come to life. After a local bank robbery turns violent, he discovers Allison Wells (two-time Oscar nominee Margot Robbie, I TONYA) hiding in his barn, with a bullet in her leg. Despite the $10,000 reward on her head, Allison sweet talks young Eugene into keeping her whereabouts secret, and helping her plot an escape. She swears she didn't kill anyone and rationalizes the bank robbery by blaming the government for letting people suffer hard times. Eugene may or may not buy her story, but he recognizes this is the most excitement he's likely to ever have in his life ... plus, he's smitten.

During the first half of the film, we follow Eugene as he helps Allison and holds the secret. When the second half kicks in, we find ourselves along for the ride as the two are on the run from the law, including Eugene's stepfather George. Along the way director Joris-Peyrafitte includes some flashbacks to the botched bank robbery giving us a look at Allison's "Clyde", Perry Montroy (played by Garrett Hedlund). There are also numerous artsy flashes of coastline, supposedly representing Allison and Eugene's landing spot should they escape. Of course, we know where this is headed - a shootout finale. Filmed in New Mexico, we do get the feel of the hard life fought by those during this era, including the powerful and devastating dust storms that require gas masks to prevent suffocation. The film is watchable thanks to the performances and atmosphere, though it's not at the level of similar type movies listed earlier.

8 / 10

Another hit for Margot Robbie

I really enjoyed this film. The acting was great, especially Darby Camp. It was a well written love story that also had some action. I'd recommend this film to anyone. It almost felt like a prequel to Bonnie and Clyde in a way. Patrick Higgins and his crew did an amazing job with the music, it was really a standout for this film.

3 / 10

Margot hits the lowbrow highway.

With 'new' movie pickings obviously being slim this year thanks to covid, Dreamland was one oft-delayed flick I was really looking forward to checking out. Sadly it's yet another in a long line of major 2020 filmatic disappointments.

The always wonderful Margot Robbie and some decent depression-era set cinematography are the only saving graces for this tedious, slow-moving affair that contains more plot holes than Swiss cheese, though i will refrain from divulging any spoilers for those who want to check it out.

Like an injured bird, the meandering plot just never takes flight and sadly what could've been an exciting, fast paced crime-come-road movie in the same rich vein as Bonnie and Clyde, Badlands and Road to Perdition ends up being a total snoozefest more akin to watching tarmac dry on a cold wet highway.

You know, I can honestly say over the past couple of years I can't even remember the last time I saw a movie that actually blew me away. Regardless of the pandemic, Hollywood has clearly lost its way, in much the same way as Dreamland did after the first few minutes. Sad times.