Dreamcatcher (2019)

Dreamcatcher is a movie starring Niki Koss, Travis Burns, and Blaine Kern III. The film centers on two estranged sisters who, along with their friends, become entrenched in a 48 hour whirlwind of violence after a traumatic...
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1 / 10

wow, just WOW

Pretty people scaring each other then laughing whilst apologizing, people talking to themselves and admiring their own attempts at humor, shriek's and screams so hammy they were literally pork!acting (i use that term loosely) was nothing above that of children in a nativity play. storyline ( again another term i use loosely) was nothing, i mean it was just nothing.oh but the scenery , oh the scenery, papier-maché and a disused factory. special effects straight from Heinz.i would probably wager that the only people available to act (HAHA) and direct this total dross were on lockdown, check out the lead actors (HAHA) on imDb and their vast C.V of 3rd rate amateur garbage.

i watched this, so you do not have to. really terrible.

2 / 10


What a terrible movie. There is nothing redeeming about it other than the attractive cast, but even that is kind of a stretch! Terrible acting, terrible script. I especially hated how deep they tried to get with the character development. Word to the wise to all horror movie writers out there: You can't go deep with a horror movie; the minute you do, you lose your audience. I get that you want to be smart and creative with dialogue but it really just ends up putting your story in the toilet.

2 / 10

All over the place.

It starts off as a fairly standard cliched horror thing. Then it turns into an episode of Empire, in other words - a long, boring soap opera about the music industry. And then it gets even dumber.

Plus it can't tell whether it wants to be a Faustian or a Shakespearean allegory. Characters come and go who apparently are supposed to be integral to the plot. But you can barely tell one from the other. And they are awful.

Yeah, not good.

2 / 10

Such a bore...

This was supposed to be a horror movie. It wasn't scary. And it was boring. Nothing in this movie was inspired-from the dialogue to the kill scenes. Skip this one unless you want your zzzz's...

1 / 10


Really boring. Bad script and directing. I wish I could have gotten my time back! Nothing in the movie is good so I honestly just skip it