Dragon Hunters (2008)

Vincent Lindon, Patrick Timsit, Philippe Nahon, Amanda Lear,
A fantastic tale telling the adventures of two dragon hunters!
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  • Frédéric Lenoir, Writer:
  • Guillaume Ivernel, Arthur Qwak, Director:
  • Philippe Delarue, Tilo Seiffert, Producer:


9/10 / 10

For a long time i haven't seen so beautiful animated feature. Havinghealthy respect for Pixar, i must say that Ratatouille or any othermovie made by 'em can not be compared to this. Animators have createdan incredibly beautiful world here. The graphics is amazing, thebackground surroundings are mind-blowing, almost every object in everyframe is drawn perfectly. Sometimes i felt tingles down my spine - somuch i loved what i've seen.

The plot is absolutely romantic. As romantic as the animated film plotcan possibly be. The characters are lovable, especially Hector, theblue rabbit, he owns, pawns, rocks and rules! The other char-s are verynice also. The humor is top-notch.

Generally it seemed that creators didn't invest much effort into this.I mean it looked like it didn't take em too much in difference frompeople of Pixar&Dreamworks who try hard every time to think onsomething new. And i'm very glad that a product of European animationstudio turned out to be SO great. They've made a magnificent, touchingmovie, a candy for eye and heart.

The only minus is stupid beginning and that's why it's 9of10 not 10/10

9/10 / 10

Have you heard the story about the reluctant heroes who were hired by aKing to slay a dragon? Oh, you have? Was it set in a world entirelycomposed of small islands floating above clouds, and did the heroeshave to make dangerous leaps from one island to the next on theirjourney? Did water flow upwards and remnants of great cities levitateon the horizon? I didn't think so.

I stumbled onto this movie by accident and I'm really glad that I did!It's one of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen. Much like thePixar movies, it's a piece of computer animated art that could only bepossible in today's world. The animators have invested thought intoalmost everything that appears on the screen, and this attention todetail is staggering (the scene where the mushrooms in the foregroundbelch green smoke whilst the characters walk obliviously in thebackground is one of my favourites). The monsters are also fullyrealised and wonderful to watch in action.

Although the plot may not be entirely unique, the movie has enoughcharm to make sure you keep watching. Our protagonists are likable andinteresting, ensuring the audience is behind their almost impossiblequest to reach the end of the world and destroy the dragon which mightotherwise devour everything in its path. Of course, Hector is thecharacter most will fall in love with. A small blue creature with acrazy grin and a tendency to speak a mixture of nonsense and English,Hector provides comedy relief in a way Jar Jar Binks could only dreamof.

In summary, I'd recommend watching The Dragon Hunters if you get theopportunity. Watch it for the incredible animation, the breath-takingbattle scenes and for a glimpse into a world that's unlike anythingelse you've seen on a cinema or television screen. At the very least,it's a fun way to spend an hour and a half - no matter if you're nineor twenty-nine (which, in fact, I am)!

9/10 / 10

this is my first review on IMDb, i didn't really want to write one butsince there are only 2 for this great movie right now, i feel compelledto add my perspective...and no, i'm not associated to the movie makersin any way (yeah yeah how often did you here that before ;-) ) FYI i'min my late 20s

1st of all i have to admit i really like animated movies, because whatyou see is only limited by the imagination of the creators and theywere pretty imaginative on this one. Not so much in terms of story butin achieving a very unique and imo fresh visual style. The characterslook good but far from real and it works well for the movie, after allit's a fairytale-like world. But the backgrounds and the world ingeneral is filled with awesome visuals that my jaw dropped severaltimes while watching this. The blue, bunny-like mini-dragon steels theshow and has easily some of the funniest moments of the movie, he isalready an instant classic, much as Scrat from Ice Age. The story isnot too surprising (a bunch of anti-heroes have to go out and slay thebiggest dragon you can imagine) but who cares if the movie looks andsounds THAT good ;-) 1 thing i have to point out, imo the movie is notsuited for VERY young children because it has some darker scenes in itand maybe frightening for kids under 6-8 i would say, these are onlyvery few scenes but worth mentioning imo. Anyway i had a great timewatching this and can't wait for it to hit the stores in high def towatch it over and over again just for the sheer beauty of it.

8,5 for me

6/10 / 10

I really liked the art style and concept in the movie. But as far asthe story goes, it's not very engaging. It lacks the polish that thevisuals have. The character art reminds me of the game "Mark of Kri".And the floating lands in which the story takes place is breathtaking.

But the story is just too simple. They try to build it up by making thecharacters fight bigger dragons each time, but this only works if thefight choreography was actually good or if the characters' dragonfighting skill improves over time, but neither of it was the case.

They tried to make it about character development at times but it wastoo brief and shallow to have any impact.

Then there's the case of the relationships between the characters.There just isn't enough back story to get the viewer into them. But thelittle girl's character, Zoe, was too cute not to like. Without hercharacter, the movie wild been much worse.

So overall, the art and the Zoe character was reason enough to see thismovie. Kids might not mind the simplistic story, because they are youngand haven't watched enough movies to see it as a cliché.

10/10 / 10

I voted this a 10 out of 10 simply because it is the best animatedstory I have been able to see in quite some time. The animation isstunning. The artwork behind each and every landscape was beautiful.From the colors to the lighting to the not standard fare of artistry. Iwas amazed. Moving beyond the beauty on the screen, you are immersed ina storyline that is at once timeless and at the same turn fresh.Character development is brief yet these touchstone moments are exactlywhat is needed to clue the viewer in to what and why and how thecharacter has come to where they stand. I'm impressed with the entireaffair and think this is a must see for the entire family.