Double Trouble (1992)

Peter Paul, David Paul, Roddy McDowall, David Carradine,
Double Trouble is a movie starring Peter Paul, David Paul, and Roddy McDowall. Muscle-bound twins try to smash a jewel smuggling ring.
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  • Jeffrey Kerns, Kurt Wimmer, Charles Osburn, Writer:
  • John Paragon, Director:
  • Brad Krevoy, Steven Stabler, Producer:


10 / 10

the Barbarion Brothers rule!

Yeah, this movie is totally cheezy, but the Barbarion Brothers never fail to crack me up, I love these dudes, they're just like big funny kids. This is probably even their least intentionally funny movie. Compared to Twin Sitters or Think Big, this one tries to be more of a real action/crime movie, which adds to the humor. Try to take these guys seriously as cops for a minute, you'll crack up laughing. If you like Terence Hill or the band Sparks, you'll probably get their humor. Goofy for sure! and with a positive attitude that makes you feel good.

10 / 10

Please sir, can I have another?

Only once in a lifetime does a movie come along that not only defines a generation but challenges the artistic community to match its awesomeness.

Double Trouble is that movie.

So corny and cheesy that it could feed a starving nation, more mullets than a Billy Ray Cyrus tribute night, a soundtrack swiped from a 70s porno, and acting so good that the only reason that the one of the Barbarians brothers didn't win an Oscar was because they were so inseparably brilliant that it would have been a crime to award it to only one of them.

Can anyone watch this film and see the brothers run (run brothers, run) without wondering if buffalo have become bipeds? Laugh? Though I'd never stop.

This movie was truly mega-awesome but as I watched, cramped in belly splitting convulsions, I felt that there was something missing, some icon that would confirm to me that I was experiencing cinematic nirvana... and then there he was... David Carradine. Enough said.

10 Dolph Lundgrens

7 / 10

A B Movie Classic

Some say may say I have poor taste, but to me I just like to accept movies for what they are. Within the very first 10 minutes you can immediately tell this is a B movie affair. The production values are sub par and the acting is uh...basic. However with most B or perhaps C level movies you can find a whole lot of character if you sit on their level. And there is a whole lot of character here. On the whole this movie is charming and plenty entertaining on both a comedic and action level. Probably more so comedy wise than anything else. This movie undoubtedly suffers from the unintentional funnies. Total sober you can hear me giggling away every 3 minutes on the most irrelevant things from the way these muscle bound beasts run to how slightly more fat one is than the other. Not to say there aren't any legitimate laughs in this movie. The writing is decent, nothing too fancy. Plenty will say the Paul/Barbarian Brothers lack of talent. However, I believe there's enough there. They don't look stupid delivering the core content and they deliver the laughs by the truckload even on small liens. You kinda get that brotherly chemistry that I guess could only be gotten from some twins. Plus thanks to their frame they can handle some decent action scenes that appear to cater to what they do best (lift stuff). However, I will admit all hand to hand action was absolutely dreadful. But what do you expect for a B-flick?

10 / 10

Behold the power of this movie

I just acquired this movie on VHS after seeing bits and pieces of it on late night cable. This has to be one of the greatest movies ever. It combines all of the elements of awesomeness. The camaro, the outrageous mullets (there has to be some kind of irony there, they can't be under the impression that they're anything but a joke with haircuts like that), the cheesy music, the completely unrealistic guns, the hot early-90's chicks, a plot that's more broken than a Chinese motorcycle, the stereotypical "rich white guy" villain, angry black police lieutenant, washed up actors from Star Trek. If I could make two changes to this movie to make it perfect, I would remove the blatantly homoerotic weightlifting (those noises!!), and add some breasts. The acting is painfully cheesy, but that adds to the overall fun of the movie. The scene where the brothers fight is probably one of the greatest fight sequences of all time. I was doubled over with laughter and barely able to breathe due to the hilarity. WARNING: Everyone in this movie is a frustratingly bad shot. They may as well not even use guns, because no one ever hits anything unless it's at point-blank range. '

3 / 10

So bad its good? Almost.

This movie is an anachronism. Based on the clothes, music, hairdos, and so forth, it seems like this should be an eighties film.

Horkheimer, Adorno, and others of the Frankfurt School of thinkers argued in the 1940s that mass media was used to control the people and ultimately resulted in sameness. Double Trouble certainly proves the latter. The plot and the villains are all plucked willy nilly from various 1980s films. One of the barbarian brothers accidentally steals a card that gives access to a vault of diamonds just above the subway in downtown LA. The other barbarian brother is a cop forced by the chief to partner with his larcenous brother. Oh, the other barbarian brother...

How could anyone wear what this guy wears? The Raiders sweatshirt/half shirt with high-waisted, acid-washed jeans? But all of that pales compared with the mullets sported by each brother. Paging Billy-Ray Cyrus. The guy can't run either. He has a worse gait than Keanu Reeves.

Whoever thought that wrestlers could act anyway?

This film is about as fragmented and nonsensical as this review of it. In the right company this could be part of a beer-fueled evening with friends, or consumed alone. Regardless, mouths will be agape. The horror, the horror.