Don't Blame Karma! (2022)

Gil Cerezo, Miriam Chi Chim, Aislinn Derbez, Meteora Fontana,
When her younger sister and high-school crush get engaged, Sara must find out whether her alleged bad luck is the real culprit behind her misfortunes.
  • 4.6 /10.0 IMDB Rating:
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  • 2022-08-04 Added:
  • Fernanda Eguiarte, Laura Norton, Marcelo Tobar, Writer:
  • Elisa Miller, Director:
  • Jorge Eduardo Ramírez, Producer:


4 / 10

Not a fan

They completely forgot about the main subject of the movie, the karma thing, they mention it at the beginning and don't really develop it. It's a romantic comedy, and I'm sorry for spoiling it to you but it's not that funny, but it has its moments. The main actress is good I like how she acts and she's very beautiful and some how they manage to make her look not that pretty (and I really don't think that's was the idea) her sidekick was great!! I think they both carry the whole movie. I personally didn't like the disguised publicity of the jewelry and some other products on the film it was too obvious and made it look cheap. The romantic interest of the protagonist is very ugly too and not much of an actor, in general all the cast is not that strong. Nope I didn't like it.

10 / 10

Beautiful sweet and simple

A cute romcom. Enjoyed every actor. I would watch again! Sometimes you just need a movie with just the right amount of drama and just enough predictable outcome, lol.

1 / 10

Another film made without any effort

This is a movie that could end 20 minutes after it started, but it doesn't.

The story is truly ridiculous, it is not possible to believe the situation of the protagonist, it is simply ridiculous to believe what she thinks, that makes the whole story ridiculous, in addition to never being able to empathize with the protagonist. All the characters are hateful, their poor development makes you despise them, plus they make the worst decisions a real person could make. The performances are not good, only one actress tries to give a decent performance, but the bad directing makes that actress not look good.

I think there is not much more to say about this film, it has a very bad and ridiculous story, with characters you do not empathize, bad acting and a directing that is not very committed to the story, a film to avoid.

6 / 10

The bad and the good .. and the not ugly

Often times the concept of Karma is being ... at least misused, but very clearly missunderstood. Karma is not an entity or a thing an object that is going around doing things. You can google it for yourself and check the definition - but you shouldn't be nitpicking when it comes to this movie anyway. Just enjoy this for what it is.

Some fun you can have along the way - no pun intended. It is a light comedy and it works if you let it. Nothing more, nothing special, but also nothing less and really not as bad as vote under 5 would suggest (at this moment in time that is). Actors do their best and the whole thing makes more or less sense (again, if you are not too small minded about terms and their meaning) ...

5 / 10

Nothing too groundbreaking, good fun!

If you can dig a simple plot, fun characters, and medium-level humor you'll enjoy! I have to write one-hundred fifty characters so I'm kind of just rambling on past the point.