Dogwashers (2020)

Anderson Ballesteros, Ulises Gonzalez, Tappan Christian, Jhon Álex Toro,
Lavaperros is a movie starring Anderson Ballesteros, Ulises Gonzalez, and Christian Tappan. Don Oscar, if he wanted, could have been the next Escobar, but instead he sits on the ruins of his decrepit little drug empire. And let's...
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8 / 10

A Pretty Good South Of The Border "Old Drug Lord With Little Money"

03/05/2021 Nothing overly exciting happens in this Mexican movie but I enjoyed it anyway. It's an easy watch with good actors and a crazy/loose storyline. The foundation is an old retired drug lord and all those around him. Take a chance, you might end up liking this movie like I did? Bon Appetit'

7 / 10

Decent mobster Colombian tale

Finely performed and decently written with cynical dark humor and insightful views on human essentiality this Colombian famiy crime saga is a surprisingly refreshing, convincingly violent and efficiently entertaining Latino take on the mobster genre.

8 / 10

Wonderful colombian movie

This is a great movie, with a awesome story line and with great actings, very recommended, with the correct action, the correct comedy, and with a great script. If you like the narcos movies you should see this film.

2 / 10

Probably the worst movie I saw in the last years

One of the worst movies I ever seen.The movie goes bad and bad along the movie

2 / 10

nonsense movie

Seems like a decent movie, but past the time and twisted to nonsense movie, too much stories too many short stories and ending in nothing, nothing in common and take your attention for nothing, waste my time, do not see this boring movie, bad movie,