Dogtown 2 (2021)

Todd Allen, Jonathon Carley, Jonathon Carley, Douglas Gaugard, Marco Guzmán, Simon Hill, Douglas Leugard,
It's election time in Dogtown and longtime Mayor Jack Russel has his nose fixed on a fourth term. But Barney Lockjaw plots to take over the junkyard. Will Dogtown stop Barney Lockjaws before it's too late? Find out in Dogtown 2.
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  • Bob Lefano, Writer:
  • Ryan Pollin, Director:
  • Ted Liam Anderson, Producer:

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1 / 10

A worthy successor to the first Dog Town

If you suffered through the first five minutes of the original Dog Town from 2019 (let's face it, nobody in their right mind would want to sit through any more than five minutes) and want to re-live the experience, Dogtown 2 will give you the exact same gut-wrenching feeling.

The story's just as non-existent, the voice acting's worse than people reading fake endorsements, and the animation - well, let's just say that it's every bit as "special" as that in the original movie.

When confronted with something like this, I usually joke that the animation was done on a Commodore 64 - but this is far worse.

Don't bother with this one; even my two-year-old granddaughter walked away.

3 / 10

This was definitely special, but not in a good way...

Without having heard a single thing about this animated movie titled "Dog Town 2", I sat down with my 11 year old son to watch what writer Bob Lefano and director Ryan Pollin had to offer. And I can't say that we have had the pleasure of watching the 2019 first movie "Dog Town".

I must say that "Dog Town 2" fell completely short of providing me with any entertainment, though my son was mildly entertained by it. It wasn't an animated movie that he was particularly thrilled about though, unlike other newer animated movies.

The storyline in "Dog Town 2" was just unappealing to me and offered nothing enjoyable in terms of story.

It should be said, though, that the CGI and art style in "Dog Town 2" was good, and I was amazed with the sheer amount of attention to details in the scenes. The background and scenes were just really nicely made. And that was quite odd to see that they put so much effort into the background and the scenery, when the characters themselves looked like plump rubber toys without much detail or textures. And it was sort of embarrassing to see the characters glitch and sometimes break through the surfaces they were walking on - read, the feet of the dogs disappeared into the ground below them. Or also see the teeth of one of the characters flicker and blink through the cheek on and off one of the dogs from time to time. It felt like a computer game not properly coded.

"Dog Town 2" was a disappointing experience of a family movie. And it is certainly not an animated movie that I would recommend you sit down to watch if you are a fan of animated movies. Trust me, there are far, far better animated movie readily available out there.

My rating of "Dog Town 2" lands on a generous three out of ten stars.

1 / 10

Just like Dogtown which is terribly bad.

Oh my god! I can't believe that I watched this to know how bad it is. It's 1 hour long animation. But I couldn't continue to endure after 7 minutes. So, I stopped watching.

This animation is so bad like the first one. It's like watching an opera where narrator is saying which scene is coming up next. Second, the way they animate the characters is not smooth. The characters seem to be stiff and not flexible. Thirdly, the characters which are dogs are ugly. I was surprised to see that the dubbed skill is a little improved. I wasn't expecting that. Finally, the surrounding background designs are so ugly. It's totally unbearable.

Hence, Dogtown 2 is totally one of the worst animations I've ever watched in my entire life. If you value your time and money, DO NOT watch this.