Dog Soldiers (2002)

Sean Pertwee, Kevin McKidd, Emma Cleasby, Liam Cunningham,
A routine military exercise turns into a nightmare in the Scotland wilderness.
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  • Neil Marshall, Director:
  • David E. Allen, Christopher Figg, Tom Reeve, Producer:

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8/10 / 10

If you are like me and are completly sick to death of the teen/collegeslasher horrors that hollywood seem to produce by the week then Dog Soldiersis then film for you. this film has everything for the true horror fan, agreat story , good acting , lots of blood , tons of action and mostimportantly it's bloody scary.The film is about a group of soldiers on routine patrol in Scotland come across what seems to be a group of man eating beasts that turn out to bewarewolf's and do their best to fight of the constant attack by the flesheating beasts.What i like about the movie that while it has a good blend of horror andaction it is also very amusing in parts to and unlike most hollywood horrorsit it funny when the director means it to be!A classy way above average horror that you cant fail toenjoy.8 out of 10.

9/10 / 10

When I got this movie I was expecting cheesy American B movie aboutsoldiers against people in rubber wolf masks. How much more wrong couldI have been? This movie was brilliant and a refreshing change from allthe Hollywood junk about killer dolls and such. By the middle of themovie you actually care whether the characters get out or not. Thescenes in this film were well filmed and the location was absolutelybreath taking. Stick around for the credits on this one boys and girls.You'll definitely find it interesting. The last time I was thisimpressed with a werewolf movie was Silver Bullet. I would even putthis film with An American Werewolf in London. It has some excellentacting, character development and if you see this keep your eye on Pvt.Spooner! You'll remember him come the end of the movie! I would givethis flick four stars for sure!

9/10 / 10

When the trailer first came out for this movie I was dead excited, itwas a British film with a different slant on a well visited horrorgenre. It had also received some interesting quotes at it's festivalshowing, all giving you the impression that it was a good movie.

Then time took over and quotes and reviews dropped it down, then I justnever got round to watching it. So when my first copy of the DVD waspoor and I stopped watching half way through I was gutted, and had towait a few days to get a replacement.

The movie is great fun and mixes two genres really well, that of realsoldiers mixed up with a bizarre horror premise of Werewolves inScotland. As they say in the making of, it's a story of Soldiers andWerewolves, not the other way around. So it is that the story startsout looking very realistic and feeling pretty normal, and it's slowlyramped up and pulled slightly sideways scene by scene until it's prettymuch madness.

Saying that, the reactions and lines from the characters are all prettymuch realistic. There aren't many Hollywood one liners, instead thereare quips, swearing and straight denial that you get in real life whenpeople are faced with difficult situations. It all feels like these arereal people in a real situation.

The script is excellent for this very fact, but the actors lend atremendous effort too. Sean Pertwee is a sadly under used talent, andhe shows his colours here flying through scenes with the greatest ofauthority, and he's very well followed through by the rest of thesoldier cast who all just seem so natural in their roles. All exceptfor the female of the story who feels very much out of place andawkward, her lines all too unnatural.

The action and editing keeps going, and there are quite a fewrefreshing moments when traditional horror films would throw somethingthat the characters, but here it doesn't happen. For that it's quiteunpredictable and enjoyable. The action just keeps on coming with veryfew breaks, the Werewolves are unstoppable.

Not only are the unstoppable, they also look great. Big, hairy, scary,there's nothing that looks fake about them and they really do lookmenacing.

Overall it's a great fun film and the experience on DVD is so muchbetter than so many others I've seen. Plus it's British, quiteoriginal, full of movie references and with some great actors.

I have never enjoyed an audio commentary as much as I have with DogSoldiers. It's hilarious and the guys involved sound like they had sucha laugh doing the movie, never mind the commentary.

I've just watched the second audio commentary by the US Producers, andI was surprised again that I've learnt so much more about the movieagain. There are so many more hidden references and character\storyconnections that I'd missed. This truly is the first DVD that I'vewatched where the audio commentaries are so strong.

9/10 / 10

American Werewolf in London, was always my favourite werewolf movie.well, this is better!

The cast are not widely known, familiar faces, but no star names, yetthey all give first class performances. The dialogue is slick andrealistic and the plot and characters build very well.

The gore is truly realistic and looks painful at times, similar to someof the scenes at the start of Private Ryan.

Most of the characters are rock hard nutter's, and they spout offcheesy lines like 'Come and ave a go if you think your hard enough!'and 'I Hope i give you the Sh*t's, you F*ck*n Wimp!' said just after agreat fist fight with a werewolf and just before he is about to beeaten.

At no point does this movie try to take itself seriously, and that'swhy its so good. It really is very funny and at the same time prettyrealistic (for a werewolf film). If you like the genre you simply havetoo see this film, if you don't your missing a treat.

9/10 Great fun

8/10 / 10

Why is Aliens the best action SF film ever? One of the reasons isbecause James Cameron took the time to build up the characters in thesquad to the point where you actually cared when the grunts started toget shredded.

Dog Soldiers does exactly the same, and features some great Britdialogue to boot.

The region 2 DVD features an extra commentary not found on the Region 1DVD - basically this consists of the director, the co-producer, KevinMcKidd, Sean Pertwee and Liam Cunningham getting hammered on StellaArtois and producing a brilliantly funny commentary which sounds like abunch of mates getting drunk while watching the movie. Which wasexactly what it was, except that this particular bunch of matesactually made the movie. Genius!!! Liam Cunningham - spectacularlystiff upper-lipped and evil in the film - turns out to be a very drollIrishman with the gift of the gab. "The Uamhunn.... The Uamhunn....."

One of the film's strengths is its gritty portrayal of British infantryin action, both in word and deed. I particularly enjoyed the castcommenting on how much they relished dumping those "crappy plasticguns" (the SA-80s the squad carries at the start) and getting a chanceto charge about with MP5s. As Kevin McKidd put it: "So, you want me torun about the woods with a machine-gun, firing it all over the place.And I get PAID for this?!!"