Distancia De Rescate (2019)

It will tell the haunting story of broken souls, toxins, looming environmental and spiritual catastrophes, and the ties that bind a parent to a child.
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  • Samanta Schweblin, Writer:
  • Claudia Llosa, Director:
  • Mark Johnson, Producer:


7 / 10

Confused yet?

Fever dreams ... or crazy reality? And caused by what exactly? I am still rather confused by many things depicted by the movie. That may be enticing or it may be annoying to you. Depending on how much time and will you have to fully take this in and digest it ... well that will determine how much you probably will like it.

You can't just watch this while doing something else. Like having your phone and doing stuff on it while "watching" the movie. I have done this with lesser titles, so I am not judging. Some movies are more than predictable and do not really glue you to the screen. This is different ...

8 / 10

An Eco-Folk Horror Film

Fever Dream: a tale of a sickness upon the land, poisoned water, affecting horses and humans. Also a story about friendship and maternal love, and hate. A folk healer can "cure" the afflicted but at a cost. It involves the transmigration of spirits, half of the affected person's spirit departs and lodges within a healthy body but it is replaced by another anima. This causes the "cured" (especially children) to act like changelings. One mother describes her son as having been transformed into a monster. The horror here is predominately psychological but is no less effective than the gore/shock variety. The film does require close attention and perhaps even a second viewing but all the answers yiu seek to solve the mystery are within it. Not everything is as it seems at first glance and some characters show unexpected depths. An Eco-Folk Horror tale which you won't forget in a hurry. Directed by Claudia Llosa, adapted by Llosa and Samanta Schweblin from Schweblin's novel. On Netflix. 8/10.

10 / 10

This was spectacular

It says novel so perhaps the novel is as brilliant as its kissing cousin, this lil' adaptation and I don't know but whatever the screen-writer culled from the source is so incredible but how they put it all together, this thing (though not an easy watch) (but you must , cause the end is revelatory elucidating redemption at its finest!) I absolute love how this thing was crafted, the voice overs, relate right back to the lil' boy and a mother's fanciful imagination when it comes to their kids! I mean, this thing is so well crafted I wish I could give the credit to either the original writer or the latter, but either way, I will say both here did a masterful job! Great work , keep up the terrific story-telling!

2 / 10


IL-1, IL-6, and TNF-alpha stimulate hypothalamus to release Prostaglandins E2, and we have a fever.

So this movie was supposed to feel atmospheric and like a dream, as the title suggested. It was so dreamy that I almost fell asleep many times. Zzzzz. Granted that I was a bit sleepy going in, I still believed that this movie was Netflix's new dose of melatonin.

So yes, I hate this movie with a sleepy passion. It was supposed to build to something, and then it ended with nothing.

Overall, a waste of time. 2/10.

4 / 10

Not impressed

Yet another environmental poisoning movie that sets up tension that goes no where. It started off okay but left a lot of questions. Why one woman left, what exactly happened with the daughter and the splitting souls. Whatever, another Netflix production down the memory hole.