Dinosaurus! (1960)

Ward Ramsey, Paul Lukather, Kristina Hanson, Alan Roberts,
Dinosaurus! is a movie starring Ward Ramsey, Paul Lukather, and Kristina Hanson. After undersea explosions near a Caribbean island, prehistoric creatures are unleashed on the unsuspecting population. Freed from his watery tomb, as...
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  • Jack H. Harris, Dan E. Weisburd, Jean Yeaworth, Writer:
  • Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr., Director:
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5 / 10

Nostalgic fun

Reasonably entertaining bit of fluff. The visual FX are well below the standard set by the great Ray Harryhausen, The girl is pretty, the hero is suitably heroic, the caveman is good hearted, and the kid isn't too annoying. I have a special fondness for this one because of my memories of seeing it at the drive-in.

7 / 10


Director: Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr.Writers: Jack H. Harris (original idea), Dan E. WeisburdStars: Ward Ramsey, Paul Lukather, Kristina Hanson

Dinosaurus! comes from producer Jack H. Harris and director Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr. Harris and Irvin S. Yeaworth had previously collaborated on the quintessential 1950s B-budget monster movie The Blob (1958) and had then gone onto make the quite good phantom mad scientist effort The 4D Man (1959). Dinosaurus! would be their third and final collaboration together.

Dinosaurus! came on the tail end of the 1950s cycle of revived dinosaur films that began with The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (1953). Hurricane pulls up perfectly preserved dinosaur bodies from the ocean floor; Tyrannosaur and Brontosaurus, and a caveman. Lightning strikes, dinosaurs come to lift and terrorize bad actors. Caveman comes to life also, befriends kid, and ends up riding the brontosaurus. Dinosaurus! has a fairly awful reputation but contrarily I rather liked it.

The special effects come from Tim Baar, Wah Chang and Gene Warren. The dinosaurs (there's only two ) are of the stop motion variety and you won't ever mistake them as being done by legendary effects man Ray Harryhausen.

The juvenile nature of the film, along with some naff neanderthal-based comedy, make it just a little too cloying at times, but as a fan of dinosaur movies in general, and especially those that make use of stop motion animation, I couldn't help but be entertained.

7 / 10


This was one of the first movies I ever saw at a drive in theater. Perfect for a 6 year old kid going through a dinosaur phase. Good moving story. Shot in color

3 / 10

Starring the island of St. Croix and two plastic dinosaurs

This is an awful sci-fi/horror movie whose characters have IQs in the single digits. It makes "The Night of the Lepus" (1972) look like "Citizen Kane" (1941).

Developers are blowing up things in a blocked harbor. A girl drives up in a motorboat, ignoring the red flag waved at her and the cries of the construction crew to go back. After her boat sets off a bomb, the girl dives overboard to "Davy Jones Locker", sees two dinosaurs, and faints underwater. Her boyfriend rescues her, spots dinosaurs, says they must have been "flash frozen", and has construction equipment haul their carcasses up on the beach. A Neanderthal also is found, and hauled on the beach. That night, a storm hits, and a three pronged bolt of lightning hits the creatures, thawing them out and reawakening them. Chaos ensues.

The special effects are horrendous-a climactic fight between the dinosaurs and a truck are obviously using a toy truck and plastic dinosaur, the pool of quicksand resembles a kale milkshake, the Neanderthal is just a man running around in a loincloth. The actors with accents all sound like male or female versions of Ricky Ricardo.

I was rooting for the dinosaurs to make mincemeat of everyone--the dinosaurs are so much more intelligent than the characters. This is recommended for fans of bad movies only. The three stars are for the unintended laughter I experienced. Laughter for any reason is better than none at all.

6 / 10

Eat The Popcorn And Enjoy The Cheese.

Hey!Rubber dinosaurs can be good for your inner child.In Glorious Color.This semi-jewel of a semi-b movie is a delight with some actual moments of "Wow Factor".

Ignore the geological epoch confusion and look past the fact that Spielberg didn't make it and kick back for 85 minutes that will give you back some of what growing up took away.6 stars and I was not being generous.