Di yi jian (1989)

Chi-Shing Chan, Lai-Ha Chu, Tat-Wah Gan, Meg Lam, Andy Lau,
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  • Fan Yu, Writer:
  • Pun-Hei Leung, Director:
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1 / 10

Overkill drama HK flick.

This is an overkill drama flick from Hong Kong that tells the story of a woman named Yuk (Season Ma) and her life behind bars. Life is of course not so dandy in a women prison, as she sees violence, death and despair.

Somehow, the story also involves inmate Winnie Wong (Carrie Ng) and her relationship with boyfriend Yung (Andy Lau), which I thought drags the movie's pacing. Inmate 5354 (Meg Lam) served as some comedy relief in the film, but I thought the entire atmosphere was dark and too somber.

Just about the entire story was overly dramatic and overkill.

Grade F