Devil's Island (2021)

Elle Alexander, Kristjan Sokoli, Pete Berwick, Cliff Yates,
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  • Sean King, Taylor King, Director:
  • Danielle Jean Schaefer, Producer:
3 / 10

Ok thriller, ruined by the last two minutes.

Samantha's grandparents are found murdered in their little house on a tiny island. Samantha inherits, and she goes to live there. The tiny seaside town has many small islands, where people have their homes.

In order to get to the house, they must use a boat.

We learn nothing of the grandparents, or any other of Samanthas family or history. She just turns up at the house, and starts living there. No one is interested in why the old folks died, and they are never mentioned.

The town people are hostile towards the newcomer, and wants her to leave. (Yawn) We are not told why that is. She doesn't bother anyone, where she is.

She discovers that someone has been in her house, and she is so laid back about the whole situation that its ridiculous.

Normal reaction for any sane human being, would have been fear or terror. You are alone on an island, where two people have been killed. And someone is clearly stalking you in your home. That should create some emotions!

The ending, and lack of explanation to anything, ruins what could have been a nice thriller. We are not given any motive for why the person does what s/he does. And even more annoying, there are literally only two suspects. Yup, there are three other actors in this movie, but one of them is taken care of, leaving only two suspects.

The ending sucks big time, with even more irrational behaviour from Samantha.

And why did they have to name the sheriff Sam?

No horror, no supernatural, no sex, no nudity, no profanity.

2 / 10

Potential is wasted

There was potential for this movie, but the story was just way too shallow. Sean and Taylor King just never developed it enough. The end result is once done, you can't help feeling "what's the point?". Another waste by amateurs.

5 / 10

aint much happening...

Other than shooting ducks and other intruders, else were enjoying the beautiful sunsets by the st lawrence river upstate new york at a tiny island called elm tree island.

This is supposed to be a thriller and maybe a horror too, it has the takes and the elements, but its done with a wrong set of cards at hand. I dont blame the main actress, because she was worth the sightseeing just by her appearence, and you cant blame the nature and scenery which couldve been pointe blanc location for the genre, no its rather a fatigue on the idea front, and probably a coronainfested opportunity to hire an island for a buck in a tourist season that never came and went by like the devil himself. Even the title is bewildering and has no gehalt at all.

But one thing they shall have, they do the filming at a high standard, the sound effects+music is used and timed at a top notch quality, and with almost a feature lenght film on the conscience, will get my acclaim with a five star. Most of all though a peerworthy sensational beautiful new actress on the horizone, and a horendously beautiful geographical area to make a film in. Ive already checked the realty prices for an islet, maybe itll be mine in a forth coming life of a grumpy old man. Just a small recommend, and let yourself get blended by the light, the rest is quite incoherent and jawless.

1 / 10

Don't, please don't

Just don't watch this through. Nothing will happen. No story, zero acting, no end.

1 / 10

Wasted hour

This movie is nothing like the description. Not one bit. Acting isn't the best and the story was boring. Waste of time.