Detonator (1993)

Pierce Brosnan, Patrick Stewart, Alexandra Paul, Ted Levine,
Death Train is a TV movie starring Pierce Brosnan, Patrick Stewart, and Alexandra Paul. A train with hostages is stolen in Bremen, Germany. It's heading south through Europe with a nuclear bomb. A UN crime-fighting task force is in...
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7/10 / 10

Now on DVD as Detonator, this was a USA Network Original Movie as AlistairMacLean's Death Train. There is also a sequel Detonator II, or Night Watch.Oddly, even though this was first shown on the USA Network, it is availableWidescreen and has a small bit of language.

The cast shines here with Ted Lavine (Captain Stottlemeyer on Monk) as themercenary who high-jacks a train with a nuclear device on it. Ted Lavine isgreat in these small crazy roles. The Living Legend, Christopher Lee,(Saruman in the Lord of the Rings movies) in one of his non-horror roles, isthe Russian General who hired Levine. Any movie with Christopher Lee isworth watching, and this one shows off his ability to speak Russian. Also onboard are Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard on Star Trek TNG), Alexandra Paul(Baywatch), and Pierce Brosnan (007) as the Hero.

The story is one where Cold Warriors freak out over the lack of a cold warand do horrible thing to start it back up again. Tom Clancy has covered thisterritory, the Bush Administration has been all about re-starting tensionfrom day one, so nothing new, but it is entertaining.

5/10 / 10

Suspenseful and intriguing movie with all-star-cast and professionallydirected . Stirring and interesting thriller with some clichés andstereotypes , containing enjoyable performances from Pierce Brosnan ,Patrick Stewart , Alexandra Paul , Christopher Lee and Ted Levine . PAGerman Scientist has aided a renegade Soviet general (Christopher Lee)constructing a nuclear weapon which is now in a locomotive (it isactually a Slovenian type 642) that was hijacked in Bremen . As anuclear bomb is stolen and transported from Germany , throughoutSwitzerland , Slovenia , Yugoslavia to Iraq . The hijacked train iscommandeered by a hired hand , a ruthless mercenary (Ted Levine) andhis band of hoodlums . The U.N. troubleshooter delegated (PatrickStewart) attempts to stop the plot aided by a commando team led byMichael ¨Mike¨ Graham (Pierce Brosnan) and Sabrina Carver (AlexandraPaul) . They will race against time to stop an unmanned , out ofcontrol freight train carrying terrorists , atomic bomb and explosives. The mission is impossible , the consequences deadly.

This is and amusing and entertaining action movie though has somesloppy executions . This formula intrigue movie belongs to action genrein style of the 70s , being followed in the subsequent decades . Thefilm profits of an acceptable acting by protagonists and overwhelmingaction scenes . It blends thrills , chills , shootouts , noisyaction-packed , international intrigue , and many other things . It isa crossover in which "The Runaway Train" meets ¨Under siege 2¨ , takingparts here and there . This moving picture which is short in realisminstead we have far-fetched but moving blow up , crossfire , fighting ,it should please most adventure-action buffs . The main and supportcast are frankly good , as Pierce Brosnan and Alexandra Paul , both ofwhom playing two operatives acting for the Secret United NationsAnti-Crime Organization (UNACO) . Secondary cast is plenty with knownfaces such as Ted Levine , Clarke Peters and Christopher Lee as an exgeneral who attempts to reborn the Russian Empire .

Based on an Alistair MacLean's novel , a best-selling author , whosestories have been much better rendered in other occasions . ScottishAlistair employed the pseudonym Ian Stuart several times in order toprove that his books were best-sellers due to their content and notsolely because his name appeared on the cover . This is one of theseveral adaptations based on his novels and most of them set in WW2 ,such as the successful ¨Where the eagles dare¨ and ¨Guns of Navarone¨ .Furthermore, ¨Ice Station Cebra¨ that is the first of two movies basedon an Alistair MacLean novel set in rugged icy and snowy terrain , thesecond would be ¨Bear Island¨ . ¨Ice Station Zebra¨ is one of twofilmed Alistair MacLean adaptations directed by John Sturges , theother was ¨The Satan Bug¨ made and released about three years earlier .Other novels adapted on cinematic spectacle are ¨Nevada Express¨,¨Force 10 from Navarone¨ , ¨The Golden Rendezvous¨ and ¨River of Death¨. This ¨Detonator¨ (1993) was followed by a sequel ¨Detonator 2 : NightWatch¨ (1995) by David Jackson , also based on a story by AlistairMacLean in which Pierce Brosnan and Alexandra Paul return as intrepidoperatives , they are teamed by their boss -William Devane- when it isdiscovered that ¨Rembrandt's Night Watch¨ has been replaced by aforgery ; then our valiant duo to Hong Kong , there they meet a shadycomputer expert/art collector and a suspicious satellite about to belaunched by North Korea .

Luminous and atmospheric cinematography by director of photographyTimothy Eaton , though a perfect remastering is necessary ; beingfilmed on location in Slovenia and Zagreb , Croatia . Fitted to actionbut inappropriate musical score by Trevor Jones , composed by means ofsynthesizer . This improbable motion picture was decently produced byPeter Snell , being professionally directed by David Jackson , but withno originality . He's a good TV director who subsequently made anothersimilar film titled ¨Atomic train¨ (1999) with Rob Lowe and KristinDavis . Although the movie has some aspects a little tough to take ,this catastrophe film still has its moments . This large-scale and wellproduced TV movie attempts a spectacular atmosphere with passableresults.

/ 10

When I found `Detonator' at the video store and saw that it had PatrickStewart and Pierce Brosnan in the staring roles, I got my hopes up. Ithought, with Captain Pacard and James Bond in the movie, it should bepretty good. Then I saw that Alexandra Paul and Christopher Lee were alsoin the movie and thought with a cast like that, how could the film help butbe good. Well, I found out.

The premise of the movie is not bad; a fanatical Russian military man(Christopher Lee) builds a nuclear bomb and tries to detonate it, on a trainbound for Iran, to trigger a military resurrection of the former SovietUnion. Of course, an elite team of United Nations commandos (PatrickStewart, Pierce Brosnan and Alexandra Paul) tries to stop the train beforeultimate fireworks show takes place. Maybe not the most original storylinefor an action/adventure movie, but it had some potential.

Unfortunately, not even this cast could make up for the horrible script`Detonator' offers. This is not the first script David Jackson has written,but it sure seems like it. In fact, the dialog is so dry and uninspired,that the chemistry one would expect between actors of this caliber isabsolutely non-existent; which makes this movie boring, and a realdisappointment.

/ 10

TV thriller made in the early ninties starring heavyweights such as "PierceBrosnan" desperate for a Bond type actionner (yet can't seem to handle anyaction sequence), Christopher Lee (in perhaps his most boring role ever) andPatrick Stewart (who appears to be doing this for the money).

Chris Lee is funding the transportation of a nuclear warhead to Iraq so thathe can lead the Russians to re-claim the warhead by conquering Iraq (despitethe fact that Russia were in league with Iraqis anyway - that's why the USfunded Iraq's leadership at the time with chemical weaponary,etc).

The plot is paperthin, I still don't understand why the a-bomb has to betransported via train. I don't understand how doing a "media" job will allowChris Lee's "Iron" man of Russia to become a leader forRussia.

The train also keeps stopping, the SWAT team are silly and there are toomany breaks for obilitary adverts for Coca-Cola or Pepsi, or whatever thehell that Baywatch lady drinks.

Its too long, too boring and annoying.

Overall: 1/10.

5/10 / 10

Anyone watching this film because Alistair Maclean's name is on it willbe sorely let down. A weak plot involving stolen nukes is nothing youhaven't seen before, done better. Some of the acting (Brosnan, Stewartand Paul) is good, but Ted Levine is simply laughable as the secondaryantagonist. His silly redneck character weakens any threat to hisscenes with Brosnan. The venerable Christopher Lee is rather miscast asan evil Russian mastermind.

Action scenes and photography are OK, but the editing, music anddirection are dull. I also found it funny that it is some sort of UNteam that goes after the nukes, where in real life it would be the NavySeals or Delta Force that would be sent to deal with this train (andwould certainly do a better job).