Death of a Virgin and the Sin of Not Living (2021)

Etienne Assal, Adnan Khabbaz, Jean Paul Franjieh, Saad Elie Dankoura,
Etienne is taken by his friends to a prostitute for the first time. Three troubled teens on their way to win their acceptance into manhood. Though several unexpected occurrences take Etienne on an unforeseen journey into himself.
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  • George Peter Barbari, Director:
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7 / 10

The Audacity

It's one of the greatest Arabic movies i have ever watched, the way the movie portrays our Arab lives and all the conflicts and struggles we go through because of our conservative community that could hassle with most of the youth minds. And the way this movie is not shallow at all it searches behind the character's image and actions and asks such courageous questions no other "Arabic" movie can ask or has the ability to make it on screen. You can't watch this movie without seeing yourself as one of the four or five main characters , it touches you deeply also it's bit sad and dark but in a beautiful way just like life. I highly recommend this movie but don't watch it while you are sad it will make you sadder otherwise i see it as very entertaining enlightening experience you can vividly see our lives on screen and hear most of our community voices and ideas and stereotypes said very loud , stereotypes that we have wished if we ignored it long enough it would disappear but it won't , sadly it gets graved in most of our youths minds even if they believe it's wrong the community and their image forces them to act like that just to go with the flow . I have so much to say about this movie but i don't wanna spoil it .