David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet (2020)

David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet is a movie starring David Attenborough. One man has seen more of the natural world than any other. This unique feature documentary is his witness statement.
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10 / 10

The greatest movie of all time

Look at the name. Look at the man. The man is the greatest, and no one else can ever compare. Humanity literally peaked with him. The word "legendary" is actually defined as: "Sir David Attenborough".

9 / 10

Our legacy

I just returned from the premiere of David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet, a documentary in which the man himself talks about how he witnessed many drastic changes that happened in our world during a single lifetime. As I was watching it, I often felt the need to look away, even though I knew that I would be closing my eyes to the harsh truth of our planet's decay if I did. My advice? Do not look away from this documentary for a second. It will show you seemingly irreversible damage done to this earth, but give you specific hope that'll make sure not all will be lost. It will show you that everything that has been destroyed can be rebuilt. My personal favorite part is where he shows us that this is not about saving our planet: it's about saving ourselves. Because if humanity perishes due to its own errors, life will start anew anyway. It's all about the legacy we leave behind that will determine whether our species becomes extinct... or gets to live another century to see the world rise from the ashes we created.

All in all, a convincing documentary, not with necessarily lots of new visual content, but rather an incredibly moving, personal story beautifully tied together with video footage and fantastic music.

10 / 10

Eye opening movie

This was a great documentary, with a rich point of view!

10 / 10

There is no good reason for anyone not to see this!

Unbelievable, I have watched many documentaries over the years on natural history and climate change. But this is the nail in the coffin. The final hurrah. This should be shown in schools and so many more places for education. It's informative and really hits home on the challenges this world faces.

10 / 10

A Frightening But Also Beautiful Documentary Movie!

I went to see this at my local cinema on Monday 28th of September the only day this movie was being shown in theatres (but is getting released on Netflix on October 4th) and it was breath taking, frightening but also beautiful as I knew it would be and more! I seriously wholeheartedly hope most people on this planet will watch this documentary and especially world leaders and government officials! Not to mention this documentary is just Incredibly educating and should be shown in schools eventually. There is zero excuse not to see this movie. ZERO! This is a MUST watch for everyone. Because we all call Earth our home and there is NO Planet B for us! There is NO denying the scientific evidence and vitally Important message this movie gives. If you deny it you are a stupid non intelligent human being who should NOT be allowed to be in charge and make big decisions on anything period! Wild Biodiversity MUST be protected at all costs for the future of humanity on Earth because by protecting it we protect ourselves as well as countless other wild animals and plants that we share this planet with!!! Please watch David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet. I Implore everyone to!