Dave Chappelle: The Closer (2021)

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9 / 10


The G. O. A. T has done it again! Quality, storylines and deliveries??????????

9 / 10

The only one in his league

Triples down on the forbidden alphabet community, way out of line, and uncancelable.

10 / 10


Done it again, will do it everytime he's on stage, born to do it perfectly.

9 / 10

It's more than (just) comedy

Was it the funniest special? With the most jokes? - No, probably not.

Was it captivating and entertaining? - Hell, yes!

As most people have already understood: Dave Chappelle is not JUST jokes (anymore). He kind of transcended comedy in the past few years and grew into his role as a great story teller who holds the mirror up to society, talking about sensitive topics, making controversial statements while keeping his great punchlines. And you could feel that this special was particularly important to him.

For sure, I have laughed more in other specials of his but this doesn't mean the jokes or the special itself weren't as good, it's just different and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Although I understand and appreciate him talking about these sensitive and sometimes serious topics, I also hope we get to see him more light-hearted in the future again.

10 / 10


Art, this is art. I will never give a 10/10 to something unless it comes as close as this special to perfection.

RIP Daphne.