Dater's Handbook (2016)

Meghan Markle, Kristoffer Polaha, Jonathan Scarfe, Christine Chatelain,
Cass is a successful business woman that appears unsuccessful in her personal life and decides to try The Daters Handbook at her sisters encouragement and dates several guys to test the process
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  • Jennifer Barrow, Rich Tabach, Writer:
  • James Head, Director:
  • Harvey Kahn, Producer:


5 / 10

Dependable vs passionate

I confess I wanted to watch this because it's Prince Harry's girlfriend in the lead role - Meghan Markle. I don't watch Suits so this was a chance to see what she is like on screen and she is quite charming It's quite a cute story about a woman relying on a dating handbook and juggling 2 suitors. One is a dependable and sensible type, one is more spontaneous and passionate. Guess which one she ends up with. It's quite interesting to see the differences between the two. Her choice isn't totally convincing and the guys are a little stereotypical one dimensional.

Okay for one watch.

5 / 10

How to get a boring boyfriend...


Reliable & Dependable or Passionate & Spur of the Moment?

Meghan Markle in her last film before marrying Harry.

Kristoffer Polaha is charming as usual.

Cute but not much depth.

3 / 10

Just silly

Like another reviewer I wanted to watch this, as never having seen Suits, I wanted to see how Meghan Markle fared as an actress, as she has since married into our Royal family.

Hmmmmmm, honestly ? Clearly Meryl Streep won't be having sleepless nights. If Ms Markle had been any good, then Hollywood 'proper' would have snapped her up, instead of her languishing in the stable of able but lightweight Hallmark Channel actors.

The British press have made much of her former career as an actress - would they do so if they had seen this offering ? I rather think not.

6 / 10

Just a fluff movie

It's a cute movie, Meghan is fun to watch. But the "boyfriend" always showing up at her workplace. Kinda creepy. I can't see her with either George or Robert. And who would think DEVNER is the right word to put on a product? No phone calls were made to check into that? Made me laugh. Loved the dogs!

4 / 10

Not Good Enough for a Repeat Viewing

They made it so obviously which is the right guy for her, that she looks like an idiot for not just picking him early on.

Also, the whole movie is a false dilemma fallacy. Can't a girl have a guy who's dependable AND chivalrous AND fun?

The sister got on my nerves. Apparently, she's unhappy in her marriage, and is trying to get a vicarious do-over through her sister's love life. And she follows some lady's self-help book so religiously, boiling love down to a checklist or formula.

And finally, neither guy ever learns that the protagonist's been two-timing them.