Dimo Alexiev, James Babson, Kate Nichols, Emil Kamenov, Borislav Markovski, Suzanitta, Iliana Lazarova,
Danny. Legend. God. is a movie starring Dimo Alexiev, Kate Nichols, and James Ryan Babson. A crime documentary project gets hijacked by its subject.
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  • 2019-06-20 Added:
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  • Yavor Petkov, Director:
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10 / 10

Excellent indie crime thriller!!

Danny. Legend. God. is a brilliantly intense drama/thriller, and an excellent directorial debut from Petkov. Once you have seen this indie film, it's not hard to understand why it has such a high rating. I love the concept here, the premise, which -as the synopsis says- is the filming of a crime documentary that gets hijacked by the very guy who is the subject being shadowed and interviewed. There might not be a high budgeted actor here, but Alexiev plays the lead role of the unpredictably dangerous Danny better than two A-listers put together, and his performance, along with the script, will take your head off! If you like crime dramas, themes of corruption or the exploration of characters with dark psychological complexities then this is going to hit you with an instant impact, as well as an ongoing slow burn. Creatively shot, constantly engaging, and incredibly suspenseful; it is gems like this that should remind us all that you don't need tons of cash to make a tight movie.

9 / 10

Very good surprise!

Very entertaining one man show! A movie that starts out like a comedy, like a satire of the Bulgarian urban folklore, very smoothly transfers into an universal story about complexes, fear and a total failure of one man. Moreover, a creatively used camera creates an atmosphere of intimacy and claustrophobia at the same time.

7 / 10


Amazing, i really like it. It is very professional. Congrats for the hard work.

9 / 10

Entertaining and eye opening

It's a very accurate, daring and fun look at the Eastern European criminal character and the world that surround/enable him.

9 / 10

Very cool film

Really nice film. Very nice way to represent political issues in a funny way. I highly recommed it!