Damen i svart (1958)

Anita Björk, Annalisa Ericson, Karl-Arne Holmsten, Sven Lindberg,
Private detectives Mr and Mrs John Hillman visits a friend in the country. While there they track down a murderer who is disguised as a ghost.
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  • Folke Mellvig, Lars Widding, Writer:
  • Arne Mattsson, Director:
  • Producer:
7 / 10

Same Same

How can you distinguish the color black in a black and white movie? Well yes you know it isn't a color that will be light on screen, but other than that? Ok all kidding aside, you have to be in the mood for a black and white movie - even if it is a good one like the one right here.

You also have to be down with detective or crime stories - and suspend your disbelief. The story takes its sweet time - but the pacing makes sense. So get on with the program - and enjoy.

9 / 10

Liked it very much

Although I loved it, I understand why some people won't. It's a very old movie, and not for the likes of the average today's mystery fan. It's a big movie, and personally I kind of got confused who was who, but it's a black and white movie, so this is expected to happen. Personally I loved it, and I suggest every vintage enjoyer or any mystery fan to watch this movie.

7 / 10


Freddy was super annoying, but everything else good