Da Xiao Jiang Hu (2010)

Shenyang Xiao, Benshan Zhao, Kelly Lin, Jin Gao, Jacky Tsung-hsien Wu, Shao-Huai Chang, Benny Wen,
In this irreverent martial arts farce, a bumbling cobbler trains to become a kung fu master after saving a beautiful princess in disguise. Together they will battle the evil Emperor for peace and justice. (Mandarin with English subti
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  • Yen-Ping Chu, Director:
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6 / 10

No worse than hot shots and hot shots part deux

If you're looking for a comedy with cool Kung-Fu fights, keep looking. This is a farce along the lines of Hot Shots & Hot Shot Part Deux. It's whole goal is to make fun of as many subjects as possible. It's an enjoyable waste of two hours. A perfect movie to play while doing laundry.

10 / 10

Super Funny!!! I kid you not.

For fans of Star Wars, Kung Fu Hustle (Stephen Chow), Swordsman (Tsui Hark) and other iconic movies of the East and West, this martial arts comedy with a refreshingly original (and hilarious one-liners) script will have you splitting your sides.

Fans of Hong Kong's veteran funnyman Eric Tsang, Singapore's multi-talented and versatile actor Mark Lee and Taiwan's Jacky Wu, will love the cameo appearances made by these super comics. Also, did I mention the clever use of CGI to boost the visual impact of 'kung fu' moves during the show?

A must-watch for aficionados of the comedy-kung fu genre.

9 / 10

A Cheesy Kung-Fu Comedy To Be Enjoyed

Looking at the previous 1/10 review and very little information about this movie it like more people have written it off before ever giving the screening a chance. If you like Martial Arts, Cheesy Acting and Lewd Comedy then you will absolutely LOVE this movie. While browsing through Amazon Prime last night I stumbled across this gem; and, seeing that the name is very similar to Kung Fu Hustle, I gave it a shot. BEST. DECISION. AT. 4AM. The English subtitles are wrong, the acting is so goofy and the overall feel of the movie is just awkward..... yet, it instills a joyous feeling that will berate you with infectious laughter! If you enjoy any of the farce Martial Arts movies i.e. Shaolin Soccer, God of Cookery, then give one a shot :)

1 / 10

Awful movie

This movie is one of the worst movies I've seen in 2011.

It's supposed to be a kung fu comedy, and has some famous stars in it, however it's not the least funny, especially the guy who plays the shoemaker, I have never seen a more boring comedian in a movie.

Most of the stars are way pass their prime, except for Erics Tsang who only has a minor role. Kelly Lin's role isn't supposed to be funny so I can't blame her. Jacky Wu, who's a famous talkshow host also only has a minor role, and they dubbed His voice with someone else's.

Back to Xiao Shen-Yang who's the leading actor and I think He's actually very famous in China, I have only seen him once before and didn't find him to be funny, and He is certainly not funny in this movie.

Overall I find this movie a waste of time and I don't recommend it