Creating the Queen's Gambit (2021)

Creating the Queen's Gambit is a TV short starring Gabriele Binder, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, and Bill Camp. It's not about a game, it's about the cost of genius. Take a deeper look into how Scott Frank, Anya Taylor-Joy, and the team...
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8 / 10


14minutes is just not enough to give everything how this Masterpiece was created. I really enjoyed this TV Series, absolutely best of 2020.

4 / 10

Wasted in describing the main character

When I watch a backstage doc, I expect to hear about the crew's opinions on the way they approached making it.I don't care about the protagonist narating what they see in their character.I care about what the DP has to say, the director, the production team, the designers.Unfortunately this short doc is mostly wasted on the opinion of the main actress about her role.