Cowboys Without Borders (2019)

To uncover the truth of American Ranching Heritage and Culture through the eyes of North, Central and South American Cowboys. "Cowboy Without Borders" follows the story of Gaston Davis, a 6th generation Texan from a ranching backg...
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10 / 10

Truly defining

I preordered this documentary when it first dropped and it did not disappoint. You did such an amazing job putting this together. It will be something I watch over and over. One day soon I would like to introduce my son to this lifestyle which I know he would love just as I did growing up doing it. This life is like no other. You either want it or you don't.

Thank you for sharing and putting a piece of art together in such a way that truly defines the life of a cowboy.

10 / 10

Beautiful cinematography, Heartfelt story

This is such a beautiful film. The scenery, the story and the soundtrack take you on a journey. Gaston is eager to understand his own cowboy and ranching heritage and takes us with him to discover the truth of the cowboy across the world. I could easily watch this film over and over and I hope they make this a series. Maybe looking at cowboys in other countries?

10 / 10

This was a great movie! Gaston Davis is an amazing story teller!

My family has two family ranches and this really hit home for us. The movie covered many real life situations facing ranchers and the cowboy way of life. I also enjoyed how the film covered different locations and ways cowboys operate in today's world. Some trying new techniques to help with the diminishing returns seen today. Some trying to keep the old ways and being successful all the same. It's amazing to see different geos, different techniques, different people, all trying to do the same thing: manage animals and livestock for the greater good and holding true to the cowboy way of life.

10 / 10


Great historical context of the Cowboy and how they've evolved through time. Great story telling and intrigue. The Cowboys continue to do the thankless agricultural jobs that keep us well fed. Well done documentary!

9 / 10

Beautiful and real

This is one of the best documentaries I have seen in a long time. Everything about it is beautiful, from the cinematography and the breathtaking scenery, but especially the people who are featured. These are real, salt of the earth people who work in an industry that, right now, is popular due to "Yellowstone" and its spin-offs. But these cowboys are the real deal and we see the rigorous work they deliver day in, day out, 365 days a year. Gaston Davis, a cowboy himself, takes us from ranches in Texas, Montana, Mexico, and finally Argentina to show us how cowboys everywhere share similar lifestyles and values. I really loved it, and I hope we see more shows like this from Gaston Davis.