Corpse Prison: Part 2 (2017)

Moemi Katayama, Anna Tachibana, Shin'ichi Wagô, Nagomi, Reimi Fujishiro, Ren Fukusaki,
Gekijouban Shishuugoku: Yui no hen is a movie starring Moemi Katayama, Anna Tachibana, and Shin'ichi Wag?. They thought they were coming to study a mysterious town hidden in the mountains of Japan. Instead, they've discovered that...
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5 / 10

Blood, nudity and confusion.

Don't do what I did and leave it two and a half years between Corpse Prison parts one and two: if you do, I guarantee that part two won't make much sense (even with the opening recap of events). Then again, I doubt if it would be much clearer if watched back to back with part one - there are things about the film that are simply too confusing.

The film picks up with the girls from part one trying to escape the creepy village with the help of lumbering oaf Isuke. The locals are on the hunt for the young women, one of whom is destined to become the unwilling wife of the chief's son Takahiko. Other characters include a sword-wielding maniac in a mask and wig who is gradually hacking his way through the cast, a priest who wants to sacrifice one of the girls to appease his god, and a little girl who hasn't aged a day in last the ten years (Why? Couldn't tell you).

But enough of the plot... I guess what you really want to know is how much gore and nudity there is. Well, barring one not-particularly-impressive decapitation, most of the violence is limited to blood being splashed into view from off-screen, which saves on complex make-up effects I guess, but will prove very disappointing for gore-hounds. In terms of T&A, two of the women are forcefully stripped.

The ending of the film leaves things on a particularly baffling note, with the last remaining girl being attacked by.... a bear (possibly). I really don't know.

4.5/10, rounded up to 5 for IMDb.