Cops and Robbers (2017)

Michael Jai White, Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson, Tom Berenger, Patrick Kilpatrick,
Cops and Robbers is a movie starring Michael Jai White, Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson, and Tom Berenger. A strung out hostage negotiator plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a cornered bank robber who is hell bent on getting out...
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  • Scott Windhauser, Director:
  • Marklen Kennedy, Ron Robinson, Michael Tadross Jr., Damiano Tucci, Producer:


2 / 10

Don't waste your time

I loved Michael Jai White in every movie hes been in and the guy was in great shapeHis kung fu moves and his great acting made all his movies really good.But you know when an actor is all washed up , is when they play in these awful movies , bad acting bad directing .I mean I honestly could have made a better movie with the same lousy actors.Right from the beginning you know this is going to be a flop bank robber has a gun on Michael and instead of Michael taking the gun away from him , the bank robber looks away for no apparent reason and then Michael takes his gun out.Like really the movie is full of weird ideas and you just know that Michael must be hard up to play in this one.Michael White has gotten fat and that might be one reason no one wants him . Just like Steven Seagal he goes from top notch movies to really bad movies.I mean when you're all washed up just quit , why bother ? you just make yourselves look like fools.I guess when you're hard up you take whatever you can get, sad.But a man's gotta eat right.Did you know Steven Seagal and Michael Jai White played in the same awesome movie called Asian Connection. They have really fallen since then!

3 / 10

Not Worth the Slog to Get to the Surprises

Is it worth the slog here to get to the film's surprises? I would say no. During most of the movie, I was thinking they should have sent the cast back to acting school before they filmed this and edited the script so that it wasn't laughably bad.

The twists that do come later, which I won't reveal, can be clever and I didn't guess them but also can be somewhat confusing, at least to me. All in all, I would say save yourself the time--it's not worth it.

1 / 10


One of the worst boring Movies allover the timevery dull and boring with a very meaningless story or a purpose actuallyits like you will ask yourself why they made this move ???!!!no action , no suspense , no story , nothingthis movie really sucks

1 / 10


Well, when I saw Jai White's name in this, I was almost immediately interested on seeing the movie... But, unfortunately, the movie is bad, very bad.The dialog seems forced, the sound editing is poorly made, and the fighting choreography is dreadful. They seem so amateurish, so clumsy.Too bad... The movie is very very boring

8 / 10

Two brothers and a bank !

Good thriller with a terrific twist which you never expected. I don't understand such very low ratings like 3.7 where as this movie is watchable and not a single moment of boring. On the other hand stupid and lengthy movie Gems Cut 2019 got 7 ratings from 1400 stupid viewers. What a choice of them ! Cops & Robbers is a good thriller. If you are suspense lovers then this movie for you. Must watch. It is not lengthy. Perfect casting, shocking twist and straight going story are plus points. Acting from Michael is rocking so as his brother.