Convergence: Courage in a Crisis (2021)

Alexandra Echavarri,
While Covid-19 exacerbates vulnerabilities across the world, unsung heroes in all levels of society help the tide turn toward a brighter future.
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  • Orlando von Einsiedel, Hassan Akkad, Lieven Corthouts, Mohammad Reza Eyni, Amber Fares, Guillermo Galdos, Lali Houghton, Sara Khaki, Wenhau Lin, Director:
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10 / 10

incredibly ambitious, powerful, and poignant

CONVERGENCE is an incredibly ambitious and poignant film that presents a deeply moving mosaic of the global impact of (and response to) COVID-19. The access is incredible: where else can you see the pandemic play out so intimately in a dozen countries all over the world, including Iran, Peru, India, the favelas of Brazil, and Wuhan itself? The achievement of weaving all these stories together is amazing purely on a storytelling basis, as is the power of the various narratives of individual characters, especially the Syrian emigre in London, the ambulance driver in Rio, and the ICU doctor in Peru. The American doctor in Miami could be a feature all by himself. In the end, the film becomes about something much bigger than the pandemic (as if that's not big enough), but rather, the entire spectrum of injustice, oppression, and inequality worldwide, and our interconnectedness in trying to fight it. A staggeringly impressive and inspiring achievement.

8 / 10

How the world handled a pandemic

This is NOT about whether you agree or not with the covid19 measurements your government has taken so don't rate it based on that.

This is about people who stepped-up and helped those in need while risking their own life in times of much uncertainty where people got sick and hospitals got overran. This docu shows that there is still some humanity left in this f*****-up world. For that, I give it 8*.

10 / 10


Some of the best stuff I've ever seen. It really takes you on an incredible journey all around the world and is made with a great deal of empathy for all the people struggling through the Pandemic.

2 / 10

Could have worked as a mini series or not

There is a a lot to be said about writers and directors cramming far too many social issues into a 2 hour movie with so many individual people's stories trying to be captured in their entirety while trying to keep the audience interested and engaged in what is classified as a documentary film.

This movie attempted that and unfortunately it failed. A mini series may have worked in order to develop the characters' individual plights without jumping across numerous other characters' stories, countries, LGBTQI+, racism, politics, BLM, refugees, asylum seekers, illegal migrants, citizenship issues, recovered drug addicts, protests, activism ... the list is as long as my forearm. Way too many social topics presented in a rather amateur way for the screen. It's like a YouTuber made this mashup.

It was made even more tedious to watch with the contrived Syrian social media influencer banging his own drum for more exposure and likes whose constant crying was initially believable until he bragged and celebrated about his posts going viral. And another social media pro and driver in China also in it for exposure.

You missed a great opportunity to get this right, Netflix. But you messed it up.

10 / 10


Loved this documentary so much. Plays like a thriller/drama which it is. Even though i know what was going to happen i was still gripped. A must see. Excellent cast!