Contradiction (2013)

Lawrence Krauss, Martin Luther King III,
Contradiction addresses the saturation of churches in African American communities coexisting with poverty and powerlessness. Why are there so many churches yet so many problems? Is there a correlation between high-praise and low ...
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10 / 10

at long last, a documentary has been made questioning faith.

Mr. Jeremiah Camera has written, directed and produced a compelling film (, which addresses the question:

con·tra·dic·tion – (n.) a combination of statements, ideas, or features of a situation that are opposed to one another.

this film is thoughtful and respectful while seeking to help the black community. it also is a film for everyone especially as it pertains to the separation of "church" and "state."


"Jeremiah Camera travels the country examining the paradox of Black neighborhoods saturated with churches in the midst of poverty, deprivation and despondency. Camera seeks to find if there is a correlation between high-praise and low-productivity."

there are approximately 85,000 black churches receiving over $250,000,000.00 per week in tithes, yet, the community suffers from high poverty, high unemployment, low high school graduation percentages, high incarceration rates, and, tragically, so much more.

please attend a "Contradiction: A Question of Faith" screening or host a screening of your own.

10 / 10

About time the obvious was pointed out...

This documentary is long overdue. The black community cannot continue to go down this horrendous path of self destruction and wait around for a savior to "free" them. Listening to some of the preachers tell their congregation ls that you can't be self sufficient and self reliant is absolutely fraudulent. It goes against every principle of success in the United States.

I'm glad that the author touched base on the lack of education and ease to which one can obtain a license to minister....but wish he would have also touched on the idea that so many of these preachers are taking home a sizable salary at the cost of the parishioners that are being sold a lie. I think very few of the black ministers are leading because of a's a paycheck. And a paycheck that can be had without any education or training.

Religion can offer people hope...and there's nothing wrong with that. But doing nothing and waiting isn't the answer. All success come from hard work...not from charity. Excellent documentary.