Connecting Flights (2021)

Madison Nyenhuis, Deimon Slagg, Cody Porter, Francie Goodwin-Davies, Miriam Anderson, Beckett William,
A woman shares some information with her son on her deathbed, about his father who he has never met. Eventually four generations of the family meet each other in an unexpected way, . It deals with themes of loss and courage.
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  • Gilbert Allan, Director:
  • Kaleigh Richards, Producer:

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10 / 10

Loved it from start to finish

Beckett Williams debut film and he was fabulous. Loved the characters and the history. Seems like it could be a true to life adventure. Would highly recommend to watch with family. An epic adventure film with heartfelt thoughtful characters come to life.

8 / 10

Excellent story

I'd have given it a higher rating if the fake British accents weren't so deplorable. There are many relocated Brits in Canada that could have played these parts with believablemaccents.

10 / 10

What a great movie for all!

Wow! We watched this movie as a family and absolutely loved it! It brilliantly tells a story about history and is very intriguing to watch to see what happens next. The actors and actresses play their roles so well that it feels like you are right there with them.

4 / 10


This movie should have been better than it was. Not sure how it managed an 8.1 rating. My father was in the RCAF so it was of personal interest but the accents were so bad and the acting even worse I found it hard to get past that.

10 / 10


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