Collectors (2020)

Je-hoon Lee, Woo-jin Jo, Hye-Sun Shin, Won-hee Im, Young-chang Song,
Collectors is a movie starring Lee Jehoon, Woo-jin Jo, and Hye-Sun Shin. A search is underway for an ancient royal treasure in the city of Seoul.
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8 / 10

Pretty funny heist movie

I was hesitating while picking this up as I have seen so many negative comments about it. But, of course, they are wrong about this or maybe have different point view. However, I enjoyed this. First, I thought, It's a typical heist movie, all about planning and focusing on execution of heist. Unlike heist movies here some fun elements which I like most. The most surprising thing about the movie is it turns out be a revenge movie.

9 / 10

superb and funny

Ignore bad comments-i watch around 3/korean movies a day-some over and over-as im disabled/housebound--and love these-action/comedy etc-if u dont like foreign movies-DONT WATCH--loads r being remade in uds thid yr snd next-another like this is-the con artists-another s/korean movie

3 / 10


I didn't expect this movie to be a masterpiece but at least i thought it would deliver what commercial korean movies usually deliver, enjoyable and fun moments you don't have to think a lot about it , it's the formula that worked 10 years ago with movies like The thieves /Tazza and other legendary pop corn movies with huge multicast, nice plot with many twists, some moments of laughter but unfortunately this movie failed to even reach that level of being entertaining with boring story line and predictable twists even the acting wasn't good enough and cheesy in a lot of times, it was really disappointing and waste of time except if you're a huge fan of the actors and can tolerate how bad the movie is.

8 / 10

it was really nice and pretty fun

A reviewer by anarchronox claimed to be horribly not fond with the movie since he has a hard time reading subtitles plus foreign movies dont suit his type. it least this movie is better than the unrealistic indian movies he has watched. please ignore his awfully written review and watch the movie! the cast acted amazing and did not disappoint.

4 / 10

Below average

The movies lacks the zing factor to make it interesting. The story is very predictable and boring. Korean cinema has produced many great movies. Sadly, this movie does not do justice to the greatness of Korean cinema.

Ignore this movie.