Collar Bomb (2021)

Jimmy Sheirgill, Sparsh Srivastav, Rajshri Deshpande, Asha Negi,
A glorified cop's life is thrown into chaos as he is forced to commit a series of crimes before a suicide bomber blows up a school. As he races against time, he's confronted by an evil that is hell-bent on striking raw, primal ter...
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  • Nisarg Mehta, Nikhil Nair, Gaurav Sharma, Writer:
  • Dnyanesh Zoting, Director:
  • Siddharth Anand Kumar, Vikram Mehra, Producer:

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5 / 10

Poor execution

Poor execution spoils excellent plot.

Starts slow. Scenes are disconnected. The movies becomes unbearable in 20 mins.

Sad for Jimmy Shergill.

5 / 10

Waste of time

The story and the characters have no link to one another. Lot of loop holes in the story? What was the connection of the bomb kid and the maid? How did she trapped the kid to be a sucide bomber? What were the 2 girls doing in the forest for 4 days?

7 / 10

Poor execution

These makers had a gem of a plot in their hand but sadly a poor execution lets down the film.

I will be very honest, the film is quite fast paced, short and interesting as well and keeps you guessing who is behind the suicide bomber but very soon it becomes to some extent predictable. I mean they shouldn't have even shown glimpses of Shergill's past which 50% spills the beans but still wont know who RITA might be until the film actually discloses it (which is why i said 50% spilled the beans) .

The climax is very poorly written which otherwise had immense potential to be a really heart pulling one (short spoiler, you might just be reminded of RATSASAN the film once the secrets are disclosed).

Performance by Shergill is good no doubt. Sparsh as the clueless rookie terrorist is also good the way he acts he makes sure he looks a rookie.

Many things have no explanation as well. Hence Collar Bomb just stays an average suspense thriller which you can watch as a timepass.

2 / 10


Don't waste your time ... crap story line and bad acting...

10 / 10

Bad reviews are propoganda driven

It's an amazing thriller. I agree not the best one till date but still taking into account that it's 90mins with no interval, the story and acting and everything else is really good.

Jimmy Shergill is as amazing as ever and Asha Negi, Rajshri Deshpande etc have also a decent job.

When I watched it, I was glued to my seat for the entire duration. It's certainly gripping, enthralling and novel in the concept.

As far as predictability goes, no one should expect it to be only a cluster of surprises later dissolving in the end. That format is old-fashioned. This is a recent format for Hollywood thrillers which make people believe that the story is going on certain lines and then the climax breaks through all the predictions.

Jimmy Shergill is shining as handsome and smart as he always is. Please watch it for him. It's high time bollywood pays its dues to the truly deserving and humble actors.