Climbing Blind (2020)

Climbing Blind is a movie starring Jesse Dufton, Neil Gresham, and Leo Houlding. Blind climber Jesse Dufton's ascent of the Old Man of Hoy.
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8 / 10

An old man, and an astonishing man

Sometimes, climbers come across as massive egoists, with little concern for others. But Jesse Dufton, the star of this documentary seems to be, to pick an inappropriate metaphor, a very grounded individual. He is also near completely blind; and climbing is the hobby that allows him to enjoy his life in spite of his disability (indeed, he tells us his philosophy is that he is blind not disabled, and it's one he certainly seems to live). Blind men seconding on climbs is something I have seen before: a blind man leading something as spectacular (another maybe inappropaite word, although one is left in no doubt that Dufton appreciates the setting) and difficult as the Old Man of Hoy is truly astonishing and inspiring. Is it stupid? Yes, but in a way, all climbing in stupid. Dufton goes about his ascents with total concentration - he has no other alternative - and is perhaps more safe than many other climbers, although at times it's still hard to watch him in action. This documentary is straightforward, but the story it tells is amazing, and the for those of us with sight, the views are pretty good as well. Dufton hopes one day that medicine will restore his vision, and he too will be able to see what he has done.