Clean (2019)

Tormented by his past, a garbage man named Clean attempts a quiet life of redemption. But, soon finds himself forced to reconcile with the violence of his past.
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  • Adrien Brody, Writer:
  • Paul Solet, Director:
  • Daniel Sollinger, Producer:


9 / 10

meat mr.clean...

A big red flare in the guts of the dugeon of silver screen hall . A reel feel good old days mixture of 70's,80's and 1990' revenge vigiliante action. Its a bit slow on the build up, but the two lines under the final answer is given to you ever so relentless it is. I had my doupts observing brodys name recurring at least 5 times in the intro cast/crew screenflashing, but he doesnt disappoint

there will be blood, gore and unwitty short dialouges, but if you can take that then the grumpy old man recommends.

3 / 10

Wasted potential

Once again here lays a movie that is well dressed but wrongly nurtured in its developing. Brody is an efficient actor and the story seems promising, but finally is a very forgettable affair. Such a shame.

7 / 10

It's okay

Not a bad movie. Not great either. Generic storyline, basic plot. Good acting, pacing and music make it enjoyable. I wouldn't go in expecting too much. It's a 6/10. Would have been a 5 without the music. The girl actor is good too.

5 / 10

Style over substance

The storyline is not new, but tried and true. It could've been a good movie, maybe even a great one. The actors do their jobs, and the cinematography is sufficiently bleak. The ingredients for a good redemption story are all there, so what happened?

It's the small things that add up. The viewer is pulled out of the story with WFT moments. It's the number of these moments that spoil the film. Style over substance is never going to work, it's distracting. The constant exposition of why Clean feels dirty is excessive, we understand his motivation. You don't need to hit us over the head with a monkey wrench, we get it.

It's a misfire, style over substance.

5 / 10

Good atmosphere but generic story

Adrien Brody and Glenn Fleshler are both great actors and this movie is no exception but aside from the acting the story was very simple and almost boring, it's no wonder they shelved the movie for over a year. I was not invested in any of the characters and the "brooding" narration that Brody does throughout the film is supposed to resonate with the audience but honestly it does nothing. The final showdown was cheap and by that I mean it looked and felt underwelming and under financed. The movie overall just felt so cookie cutter that by the end I was almost glad it was over since the build outweighed the conclusion. The only selling points were the location, the atmosphere and the aformentioned acting. Sorry but there is no need to rewatch this. Had potential but just disappointing.