Class Reunion (1982)

Gerrit Graham, Michael Lerner, Fred McCarren, Miriam Flynn,
It's been 10 years since Lizzie Borden High School's class of '72 graduated, and the preppies, the hippies and the in-crowd has returned to reminisce over good times past. But classmate Walter Baylor has returned too with a vengeance
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10 / 10

People Can Be So Cruel

Personal taste rules when it comes to talking about movies such as this treasured little gem. Way back in the eighties, the early eighties, i discovered this movie, like so many released at the time, "Night Patrol" "Bad Manners" or even "King Frat" the artwork and blurbs on the back of the covers tempted and teased you.

Of course being of an age, movies like that i have already mentioned as well as stuff like "Screwballs" and the many others, captured the imagination, and thankfully many years later i still remember some with fondness and some with disdain the many movies that help maintain my love of such genre as parodies or pastiches.

Made many years after the huge success of "Animal House" and having seen how it had fared down through the years, I now know that there would be no way this movie would ever eclipse the box office bucks obtain aforementioned nor would it linger in the memory, much like that of National Lampoon's Vacation.

To be honest, not everything that has carried the National Lampoon Logo has been a wild success, however to me Class Reunion remains one of my all time favourite movies, with instantly recognisable characters, such as the aloof Bob Spinnaker played to perfection by Gerrit Graham, so good in Charles Band's "Terrorvision" still lingering in the past glories of his youth. Or how about Stephen Furst's brash and ballsy turn as the high school lazy drunken sex crazed bum Hubert Downs.

Sweet as. Which makes me ponder. As i already said, personal taste not withstanding. People can be so cruel, so it will never win any awards or be compared to the like of its's peers within the comedy world. It does have some merit. Being one of the earlier scripts penned by John Hughes, who would later go on to do one of my own favourites of his work "Weird Science" as well as having a wonderful theme title sung by the great Gary U.S Bonds.

What more can i say, it's a movie just waiting to be rediscovered, time and time again.

7 / 10

Not as bad as the critics make it out to be.

I first saw this film around ten years ago and I thought it was very funny indeed. It was not as bad as some critics were making it out to be. The fact that it was written by the usually dependable John Hughes shows that you can at least expect some funny dialogue. (By the way, I also think Weird Science is quite good which was also penned in lightning speed by Hughes).

The film has a very garish look to it using all the primary colours - reds, yellows etc - which makes it look quite unique. The cast are also quite good. The prudish Bunny Packard and the devil-possessed Delores Salk are a stand out.

The film has certainly dated a little but I personally prefer it to all the other 'Lampoon' series.

7 / 10

S10 Reviews: National Lampoon's Class Reunion (1982)

The Class of 1972 from Lizzie Borden High (nyuk, nyuk) is all gathering together for their ten-year reunion. All those guys you remember are back. The jock, ms. Popular, the cripple, the nobody, the class pump, the girl who sold her soul to the devil so she could get rid of leg braces and now breathes fire and has an Exorcist thing going on and let's not forget Howard Baylor. Baylor escaped from the loony bin just to get back at the poor slobs who pulled the senior prank on him (he made-out with his twin sister) and put him there to begin with. All that and a National Lampoon charter to boot?Whoa Nelly!

Certainly not the most popular National Lampoon film (it's got a serious reputation for being bad) but I actually had fun with it. It moved at a pretty fast pace with enough bad jokes and screwiness to keep me entertained. Give it a view. "National Lampoon's Class Reunion" may grow on you like that rash you got from gym.

10 / 10

Classic Comedy

This movie is probably my favorite movie of all time. Miriam Flynn is excellent as Bunny Packard. Zane Buzby as Delores is comic genius. The rest of the cast is amazing, and the film is really really funny. A definite satire of horror films, with a zany twist. If you enjoy a fun, comedy filled evening, then go and rent this classic. You'll laugh all the way through!

10 / 10

My favourite Movie of all time

OK now this movie wont be for everyone but it happens to be my absolute favourite movie of all time. I remember first seeing this when I was about 7 years old and I haven't stopped watching it since. There is no master plot, a high school student is tricked into having it off with his twin sister and then choose to take revenge on them all at his ten year reunion. Trouble is his former class mates are all a bunch of weirdos so the job is easier said then done.

The former class mates are all very weird from the woman who has sold her soul to the devil (Dolores Salk) to the former beauty Queen Meridith in her stylish silver dress. This film is very about the character interaction and the humour.

Favourite scene - When Dolores first meets up with Bunny at the bar - weird but genius. Yes that is her thumb she uses to light a cigarette.