Circle of Poison (2015)

Elizabeth Kucinich,
Circle of Poison is a movie starring Jimmy Carter, Noam Chomsky, and The Dalai Lama. A global look at communities impacted by the export of toxic pesticides made in America and how they are fighting back.
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9 / 10

USA top Gangsters!

It's appalling that the highest authorities in the United States are as such crooks and world gangsters!!!! ...and they do it blatantly in broad day light!!

They should be heavily fined by the world! You produce a poison you don't want in your land and for your people, you shouldn't make money from it selling it to the poor guys elsewhere and destroy their lives.

They inadvertently poison themselves, but in a much lesser degree!

It's funny the name of the documentary has the word "circle". If that was not in their minds and there was not circle -poison- coming back to them..., it'd be much much worse!!

What a shame!!!