Chris Rock: Never Scared (2004)

Dionicio Chambers, Doug E. Fresh, Eric Edwards,
Are you ready for Rock? Actor/director/comedian Chris Rock performs a gut-busting set in his fourth HBO stand-up special taped before a live audience at Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C.
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10 / 10

Never Been Better!

I've always been a fan of Chris Rock's humor, but this time he really pulls out all the stops in his no-holds-barred stand up comedy special which aired last spring on HBO. Gleefully making fun of rap music over the years, the Jacksons, Kobe Bryant, R. Kelly, Krispy Kremes, strippers "paying themselves for college and giving a smart lap dance while wearing clear heels," the dynamics of relationships between men and women, he also makes some very strong (but humorous) points when talking about how the government advertises approved medicines while maintaining a hypocritical attitude on drugs and weapons, and he drives the issue home as to the politics of wealth which draws a clear difference between Whites and Blacks (or non whites). Hilarious within an inch of its life, CHRIS ROCK'S NEVER SCARED is an excellent 90 minutes and maintains his own status as a strong comic presence.

10 / 10

Chris Rocks!

I always thought Chris Tucker was funnier, I may need to re-think that. Chris Rock is at his finest here. He goes where no other comics dare to go. Michael Jackson, affirmative action, George Bush, marriage, the US government, IRAQ, abortion, rappers. Controversial topics with many f-en-heimers. Serious topics with a very real and funny spin to each one of them. This guy actually makes sense, and is quite intelligent (also very funny, but you already knew that). I couldn't help but laugh my ass off for 75 minutes, however at times I felt I shouldn't be laughing (realizing that history was very brutal many years ago). Highly recommended and very hilarious if you don't mind the foul language. I gave it a 10.

10 / 10

Great show!!

Oh my gosh... this show is great. After watching it for the first time I couldn't help watching 2 more times in the same day. My personal favorite's is "Niggaz vs. Black people". But this one was great too.

Chris Rock makes fun of rap music, the Jacksons, the president of the U.S., strippers, married people, couples and a few other things. Anyhow, it's hilarious.

I simply loved the STRIPPER MYTH: "I'm stripping to pay my tuition" :)))))))))

I recommend it to anybody who is over 18 and likes stand-up comedy.

10 out of 10

8 / 10

My least favorite HBO special, though worth checking out once or twice

Chris Rock is a very smart comedian, but he forgets something about what made Bigger and Blacker and especially Bring the Pain funny- he then ONLY brought the jokes, not applause lines. A good deal of what comes out in his latest special, Never Scared, is funny, but a good lot of it doesn't strike up the rousing, even enormous laughs that came out of some of his classic bits (i.e. N****ers and Black People, Tossed Salad Man, the Columbine/Bill Clinton riff from 99). He's on fire in spurts, and that's what makes the 90 minutes worth watching, as he does have some great stuff here and there, such as when he attacks celebrities (The Jackson family, R. Kelly, wealth and rich in the black community "Rims- they spinnin' and spinnin' and spinnin'"), describes the bad parts about marriage, and so on. If only some bits wouldn't drag in so many parts to little laughs as opposed to bigger ones....this being said, after seeing it more times on HBO (it pops up a lot depending on the time you might be up at night), some of the lines work much funnier, especially the part about defending rap music and what it's like when one couple meets the "perfect" couple. A-

8 / 10

Rock at the limit

Now, I had only a vague idea Chris Rock existed as an artistic human being on this planet up to this comedy show. Actually, up to the point he was announced as the next host of the Oscars, but the two moments nearly coincide.

Whether Rock is better or worse than in his other shows, I can not judge, for I've, obviously, yet to have seen them. But I believe this here show is enough ground for me to state, that Rock is a damn good comedian. He's got what it takes to keep the audience in tears of laughter for minutes in a row, he's spontaneous, original, charismatic and, of course, hilarious.

In "Never Scared", Rock is being rather tough on a lot of rather nasty and scandalous individuals, from strippers, to Michael and Janet Jackson, to the American government, to Mr. Bush W. etc. Out of these, poking at Michael is most fun. There are other "issues" at hand in "Never Scared" too, some more brilliant than others, which I really enjoyed listening to. I did sometimes question the approaches to one or two of the themes, but it was still easy to swallow down the jokes without being overly concerned or insulted by the content.

I'm really looking forward to seeing more of Chris Rock in the future. Because he's still got one.