Childhood 2.0 (2020)

Skyler Sledge, Shauna Sledge, Avi Khanna, Isabella Smouse,
Childhood 2.0 is a movie starring Skyler Sledge, Shauna Sledge, and Avi Khanna. The mental health of our children is statistically at an all-time low. Kids spend more time online and less engaging in real life, free play and...
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  • Robert Muratore, Jamin Winans, Kiowa K. Winans, Director:
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10 / 10

The Facts in this movie will blow your mind!

I'm not a dumb parent... or so I thought. I know about the potential dangers that children face on the internet... I know that predators are out there trying to get in good with children on the internet to hurt them in real life... But, there was a lot I didn't know... and it was shocking! I'll hug my babies a little tighter and protect them a little harder. I truly believe this is a must watch for every parent. Great job Childhood 2.0 team. I'm thankful for you and your research. It's helping me be a better parent.

10 / 10

Go hug your kids

After watching this documentary I knew I needed to go sit down and have a meaningful conversation with my kids. The movie is extremely well done. It is very eye opening to what is really happening online. I would recommend this to every parent.

10 / 10

A MUST watch for EVERY parent!!!

This documentary was very informative and moving! I had no idea how many dangers children face on apps and their devices. We did not grow up with technologies that our kids are and we do not use our device the way they do. Parents aren't at fault for not knowing the risk and dangers- they just need to be educated and that is exactly what this documentary does! Every parents should be required to watch this before giving their kids a device so that they know exactly what their kids are getting into and guide them appropriately!

10 / 10

Eye Opening Film!

WOW! To say I was blind to the dangers kids are facing online these days would be an understatement. This film really goes in depth and shows you how the internet, smart phones, and social media have completely changed the landscape for teens and tweens. Experts and real families share their stories and insight, there is so much for everyone to learn. This is a must see for everyone but especially parents.

10 / 10

The documentary you've been waiting for

This film is the first of its kind and an absolute must-watch for parents and caregivers everywhere. As a millennial, I thought I had a pretty good idea of what it means to be a kid growing up with technology. I was wrong. This documentary opened my eyes to what Gen Z really faces every single day and how much significance can be tied to a smartphone or Instagram account.