Chilangolandia (2021)

Aarón Aguilar, Priscila Arias, Priscila Arias, Liliana Arriaga,
Mexico City, or "Chilangolandia," is a chaotic metropolis where millions of stories take place every day. Some of them are part of this fun comedy full of familiar characters and others that defy stereotypes. Ramiro is a taxi driver
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  • Carlos Santos, Writer:
  • Carlos Santos, Carlos Santos, Director:
  • Ana Laura Calderón, Armando Castañeda, Eduardo Echeverría, Producer:

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7 / 10

Effective comedy

This film manages to portray in a peculiar and funny way what it is to live in Mexico City.

The film has a good development of the story, it manages to get into some of the things that are lived daily in this city, not only does it have a good humor, but it also manages to be profound by exposing how corrupt our politicians are with businessmen or even with organized crime leaders and how the only people affected are always the citizens, also exposes the economic and social inequality that exists in the city. Although the film uses conveniences so that the story continues, making it a bit implausible, at the same time it is funny, the shots are very good when putting emblematic places of the city on screen, portraying what the city really is, the development of the characters is good, some performances are good but sometimes they feel a bit over the top. The music for the film is good, as is the makeup and some action scenes.

I did not expect anything from this film, but it ended up surprising me with its better thought out script than most current Mexican films, and for its funny proposal that portrays a part of what it means to live in Mexico City.

3 / 10

Not worth your time

Boring, full of cliches, bad writing, too many common places and bad acting. This movie seems completely detached from reality. The characters in this movie act so stupidly that the writer had to keep adding them so the plot could advance. On the bright? Side is that the movie looks cheap. So there wasn't too much money spend on doing it. Feels like some sort of rendition to an eighties and nineties movie genere called "cine de ficheras" without the "R" rated content, just the bad jokes and terrible photo direction.

3 / 10

Not worth watching, clichés and exaggerated acting

Full of clichés from Mexican low budget films from the 80s and 90s. Exaggerated acting, and a weird combination of comedy and violence. Yes there's inequality and corruption like many countries (lobbyng they call it in other countries). But in this film it looks like it was made from an American indidual who watches CNN or fox news ??

2 / 10

This is not Mexico

Stop promoting this kind of movies, México it's more than corruption and dumb people.

It's spouses to be a comedy but it's not... if you want to have a good time, please disregard this movie. Total cringe.