Chasing the Devil (2014)

Tim Phillipps, Vivan Dugré, Chris Yule, Cory Knauf,
Chasing the Devil is a movie starring Tim Phillipps, Vivan Dugré, and Chris Yule. Patrick McCord doesn't accept the explanation of his sister's mysterious death as suicide, and instead teams up with a team of paranormal...
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  • Mark Haber, Director:
  • Jeffrey M. Hayes, Joseph McKelheer, Producer:

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8 / 10

Original found footage about possession

A young man hooks up with a team of paranormal investigators to find out what happened to his sister, who he believes was killed and did not in fact commit suicide. Clues lead him to the home of a young teen who seems to be succumbing to the same fate as his sister.

This one is riding on the wave of the recent trend of low budget found footage but is a refreshingly interesting entry about possession. The effects are very well done. Some of the acting is a little over the top at times but it is ultimately scary with a lot of freaky scenes, decent gore, and awesome kills. Recommended to fans of possession or found footage fans, it is very entertaining. 7.5/10.

7 / 10

One of better found footages.

I only heard of this movie, seconds before I watched it, I had no idea what the plot of the movie was and I did not see the trailer.

The end result , I felt a little creep-ed out at the end of the movie, it's another one of those found footage movies.

I really enjoyed, it dose really make you want to jump or anything but he dose want to creep YOU! out, there also some bloody moments in this movie. which I also really enjoyed.

In some scenes, its actually tell you not to watch the rest of the movie, so the evil force in the movie, won't find YOU!. (Oh no, I just broke the rule of the movie).

The lead actor did seem a bit wooden at the start of the movie but he got better as the movie went one, it didn't he really bother me and rest of actor was decent and watch able.

I found the movie flowed really well, it dose not drag at all and I didn't find the movie boring at all.

7 out of 10 I thought this movie was really good, I had fun watching.

1 / 10

Abject. Don't even bother pressing 'play'....

In a genre which has hashed out some bilge, Chasing the Devil manages to hit a true low. I don't know who has written some of the other reviews here but one suspects they are involved in the film or they watched a totally different film. The acting is beyond lame, it is shockingly pathetic, the dialogue is hideously contrived, the cinematography uninspiring and insipid. For a horror film, there isn't even a genuine scare let alone a moment of mild unease. I've done scarier farts. The premise is also silly. The only benefit of the film is that it shows what a load of clueless charlatans these so called 'paranormal investigators' are which sadly probably wasn't the intention of the film; however I now know to avoid any future garbage those responsible for this utter mess.

No more please...To the makers and 'actors' this is not your metier. Go dig holes instead....

4 / 10

Poor Writing Ruined This Film

Without giving away the obvious ending, the acting is good; however, this film is riddled with ridiculous writing that shows the characters as completely inept making the stupidest decisions. It's too much to suspend disbelief. They don't really seem to have a goal in mind other than to find out what the antagonist is trying to do. They never stop to think of a way to defend themselves, so the entity just kicks their rear ends the entire time. They split up at times which is really stupid and gives the movie a Scooby Doo cartoon feel. Some unintentionally silly scenes toward the end just make it feel like a cartoon in general. This wasnt even a fresh idea at the time, but still could have been better executed.

8 / 10

Had to keep watching

Honestly wasn't expecting much- but I enjoyed this movie a lot more than I expected too. I especially loved the character of Hailey- I wish it would've had more of a story about her because Elise is an excellent actress: I immediately recognized her from The show Salem.