Chasing Agent Freegard (2019)

The extraordinary and chilling story of career conman Robert Freegard who masqueraded as an MI5 agent and fooled people into going into hiding, and the woman who fell for him, and then brought him down.
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6 / 10

This could have been so much better

I already have watched the documentary which was a real eye opener. Admittedly the film covers how Robert Freegard was tracked down one of his victims. The acting by Gemma was a bit wooden and I know she's better than this performance. The film lacked atmosphere so I am assuming it didn't have a big budget.

The ending was completely different from the real life ending which took place in an airport.

Overall it could have been a lot better with a bigger budget.

1 / 10

Watch the documentary

This movie is horrible.

The only thing it achieves is making fun of the victims. They didn't show the manipulation of this con artist in a clever way.

Don't waste your time , watch the documentary it is much better.

5 / 10

Slow and uneventful

I found the film kind of slow with out much plot. Maybe they didn't know enough of the original crimes to fill in the blanks. Acting was good as was production.

5 / 10

Good story but terrible direction

This is a interestimg story reasonably well told but loses much of its credibility as a true story due to the director's obrsdion with including the Gemma Atherton character in more or less every single scene. Don't want to resort to spoiler but let's just say that it is farcical that she is heavily involved in the last 30 minutes of the film. Legally this could never happen. By then there are plot holes you could drive a bus through. Norton is good and Atherton is okay but the director is dire. Pity. Could have been great in different hands.

6 / 10

Not at all what I expected!!!

Going off the title, which of course is never wise, I heard agent and expected this to be some sort of action thriller. However, this was actually an interesting psychological thriller!! It was dull in parts but that is likely because I was expecting to be building up to cheap thrills and action. Instead, this was a very interesting mix of psychological profiles, how the human mind works, emotional manipulation and even a mirror on society in terms working life, student life, student debt and how the trajectory of our lives can impact our ultimate dreams and ambitions, and make us settle. This film is far from perfect and there are some parts I found unrealistic, so don't expect a classic, but it is an interesting watch.