Chase (\N)

Gerard Butler, Jaimie Alexander, Dani Deetté, Robert Walker Branchaud,
"Chase" centers on Will Spann (Butler), who is driving his soon-to-be ex-wife Lisa (Alexander) to her parents' home when she mysteriously disappears without a trace during a stop at a gas station. A frantic Will engages the local pol
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  • Marc Frydman, Writer:
  • Brian Goodman, Director:
  • Brian Pitt, Alan Siegel, Producer:
5 / 10

Been done before and been done better

Average thriller about a man whose wife disappears at a gas station and he starts looking for her . The film is a bit similar to Taken , Gone Girl , The Vanishing and Breakdown. Sadly it's not as good as any or them . Gerard Butler is okay as the husband in search of his missing wife. (who isn't a likeable character) Luckily the film isn't too long ., The film didn't get much publicity and I can see why.,

7 / 10

Entertaining thriller

I love these movies that Gerard Butler makes now. I'm never gonna complain about him running around kicking butt and being the hero of the piece.

I loved the pacing in this one. After all the excessively long movies being released lately it was nice to see a 90 minute movie at the cinema. It felt like it just flew by. Plenty of action and tension which meant it never dragged or had any unnecessary scenes.

The sound and score were also fantastic. It's worth seeing at the movies just for that.

I just really like movies that know their movies, and Last Seen Alive definitely fits into that category.

It's an easy, enjoyable watch which does exactly what a movie is supposed to do: it entertains.

5 / 10

entertaining mystery thriller that remains somewhat predictable thanks to the lesser writing.

Last Seen Alive is a new mystery thriller directed by Brian Goodman, director of Black Butterfly and What Doesn't Kill You. The film is about Will Spann (Gerard Butler), who travels with his wife Lisa (Jamie Alexander) to his in-laws. Their relationship is on the rocks and they try to work on it before they get divorced.

When the two stop at a gas station along the way, Lisa suddenly gets lost. Will enlists the help of the police and informs Lisa of what happened to her parents. Because Will thinks the police is taking too long, he decides to investigate himself. Thanks to his rebellious actions during his own investigation, Will is increasingly appearing as a suspect to the police and Lisa's parents. To prove his innocence, he must find Lisa before he ends up in jail himself. With this film they try to make an entertaining mystery thriller as a kind of mix between the films Taken and Gone Girl. This film unfortunately has a lesser level thanks to the story of the film. The story was written by Marc Frydman and this is only his second writing work for a film. This is unfortunately reflected in the quality of the story in certain situations in the film. The film starts with a prologue that already gives the viewer too much information, so that you can quickly get ahead of the story and the mysterious sides are somewhat lost. Because of the script, the main character sometimes comes across as a bit stupid because of separate impatient decisions he makes, which only get him into more trouble. With a better scripted script, the movie could have been more entertaining. The visual effects are decent in the movie. Most of the blood from wounds comes across as believable, but with larger effects such as explosions it is clearly visible that these have been placed in the film with CGI. Because of this lower quality you are sometimes taken out of the film. Gerard Butler knows how to deliver good acting as the lead role of the film, but thanks to the script he sometimes comes across as a bit too exaggerated. Because she disappears early in the film, Jamie Alexander has little time to work with me in the film. Russell Hornsby also comes across as a standard cop trying to help Will find his wife, but Will's rebellious sides sometimes make them work against each other.

6 / 10

Basic but effective thriller

Ok so this is obviously a total ripoff of the superlative film The Vanishing (1993) with Kiefer Sutherland and Sandra Bullock which is one of my all time favourite thrillers so this is obviously never going to compete.

The story is very basic and I was hoping for a true to life ending but no they had to go and give us the usual Hollywood ending instead of brutal reality.

The film is mainly carried on the shoulders of Gerard Butler and the excellent Russell Hornsby as without them it would have just fallen into the category of a Lifetime Wet Sunday afternoon movie. Even so it is as basic as a plot can get but with good acting and some decent direction it lifts it above your usual mundane thriller so gets an above average 6/10.

4 / 10

A Day in the Life of...

Frantically chasing a lost wife who's disappeared, poor old Will can't make his mind up if he's Scottish or just weird, though you'll soon come to realise that this is just a cunning ploy, to irritate, provoke and needle, even to annoy.

Love a bit of Butler at his best, sadly, on this occasion, that isn't the case.