Carmen Christopher: Street Special (2021)

In his debut comedy special, Carmen Christopher does stand-up in the toughest room of all: The streets of New York City.
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8 / 10

Funny Dude - Check it out!

Enjoyed this - great idea for a special! CC's got his own niche on a unique style of humor.... You're either a fan of this type of comedy & will find the creativity in it... or won't get it at all. Some pretty funny jokes (a few need some work imo), but props across the board for doing it in the streets of NY! Great Job.

10 / 10

Carmen is a genius

This special is the most innovative special I have ever seen. Carmen the people on the streets of New York in a position where they could have never imagined themselves, thrust into a comedy show while they're about their every day business is hilarious, just seeing their reactions and how different people deal with this absurd situation is not just funny but also a type of social experiment, and all during a pandemic where people are getting used to the mundane and boring life of quarantine when they step out for their little bit of outdoor time Carmen throws them a curveball. Not to mention carmens superb comedy, the guy really is hilarious. I've seen him live a couple times so I knew he was funny so I decided to watch this and boy was I delighted. 10 stars!