Candyman (\N)

A sequel to the horror film Candyman (1992) that returns to the now-gentrified Chicago neighborhood where the legend began.
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  • Clive Barker, Jordan Peele, Win Rosenfeld, Writer:
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1 / 10

Candyman is more like a Sourpatch

The movie is not a remake, but a continuous storyline of the original Candyman movie. I was disappointed, and here's why:

  • The movie lacked character development. You immediately get immersed in their lives with zero buildup, nor does the story ever explain much of the characters. Usually, horror movies build you into the character and their personality, so when their is a strike - you either feel sorry for the victim or you root for the villain.

  • The kills are lackluster and that's to say the best of that. The camera pans AWAY from the kills, and while the director tried hard to be creative all of the kills were a fail from a composition standpoint.

  • Not all horror needs to be gory, and while this movie has blood - it lacks in kill scenes; this movie was disappointing in the sense it revolves around a "boogy man", but it says away from that aspect and then somehow the script wants the movie to also be a dark psychological thriller - but the script is so monotone and slow that by the first hour up, you just don't care about the movie anymore.

  • Political race talk throughout the movie. Obviously, if you know the story, it centers around Black American's and tried to incorporate the original movie's Caprini Green setting by touching on the matter of race and income inequality... But it's done over and over and over again until it wears itself out in the movie. From the characters talking about it, to the white police officer being shady and wanting to take down an innocent black man... It gets old. There's no substance to it, no point to be made with injustice/justice and the storyline completely forgets that the biggest traitor of them is another Black man setting up a black man for the cops to kill. This narrative by the script writer and director was a complete fail; it just fell flat.

Perhaps though, the most horrific part of this movie was how Candyman was portrayed; they totally abolished Tony Todd's Candyman.

If you're not into horror movies, I'll tell ya it's not good anyways. If you are, it's comparable to being as bad as Nightmare On Elm Street 2, but with a way more boring script.

1 / 10

trailer person needs a raise

The trailer was like 10 x cooler than the actual movie. Like, i was hyped to go see this for months and now i wish i never wasted my time doing so.

Plot: predictable yet incoherent. Character building: boring. And maybe the worse part is that the movie wasn't scary for a second when it could have needed a lot of that.

3 / 10

How did the critics give this film a good score?

This film was boring and the script was bland. The first kill was great and I was excited to see what other creative kills there would be but I was disappointed to learn that pretty much every other kills were off camera.....why? Completely ruined the film for me. The characters were also boring and had no real character development and the ending felt rushed. Terrible film overall and ultimately boring.

1 / 10

Hollywood's effort to further the racial divide

An attempt to put a spin on an old classic to showcase how the rich Hollywood elites are apparently being held down by the white man. This movie portrays every white character as evil and every police officer as criminal. This spin on 'Candyman' is less of a horror film and more of a political statement from Hollywood. The only thing this movie will be sure to do is propagate the racial divide in this country even more.

1 / 10

Political film not horror film

Ending let the movie down.. too political for me. Film could've been better and more creative but the ending was somewhat cliche.