California High (2015)

Paul Chabot, Valerie Corral, Bob du Pont, Paul Gallegos,
California High is a movie starring Paul Chabot, Valerie Corral, and Bob du Pont. California has been arguing over whether or not marijuana should be legal for over 100 years. Now there's a new judge in this trial - you.
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9 / 10

A true account of the fight to legalize Marijuana in the great state of California from an unbiased and honest point of view

California High is- a true account of the fight to legalize Marijuana in the great state of California from an unbiased and honest point of view.

The documentary was set up and executed well, the video and sound quality both top notch and the message is powerful and clear; since the 1996 vote on Proposition 215 the consequences and the perks of allowing the issuance of medical marijuana cards to the public of California has been clearly split.

The viewpoint of both pro and anti-advocates are both compelling and awe-inspiring; on the edge of one of the greatest debates in history. A debate that filmmakers are able to showcase in this raw account of the 40-year war waged on this seemingly dangerous plant.

Which side are you on? That is the real premise of this movie; the makers use no tactics to sway one way or the other but rather paint the picture of just what it means to be at war with ultimately, a plant.

But what is it about this plant that makes it loved/hated so? Like anything else in the human world, pot brings greed, money, and the fight for power and control. If we can control it the Government can maximize profits and regulate usage. If we can't we have the current state of affairs that allow drug cartels, illegal trafficking, and sadly untimely and unneeded deaths.

Imagine family and friends losing their lives because a bullet is cheaper? Imagine a world where terminal cancer patients have a chance to live out their days comfortably. Imagine a world that the cartels of Mexico and South America didn't come to America to cash in. Imagine a world where the debate has ended and California - as well as the entire world - understands the good, the bad, and the ugly of this multi-billion dollar industry. It's unimaginable - as this is our reality.

I was personally moved to tears while watching the Humboldt County Sheriff and District Attorney recounting the callous disregard these "farmers" have for their workers. With such a huge opportunity for riches and an even larger margin for error the more you involve in your operation, the "farmer's" operating commercial export businesses prefer to rid themselves of the issue and "allow the animals to take care of the rest."

This is the harsh reality of what the great debate has caused. In a state that forces Healthy Choices, forbids removing sand from the beach, and a slew of other laws and regulations us folks over here on the East Coast scoff at it in an attempt to fathom the tight grip legislation has on its people; it's no surprise we also miss the bigger picture when looking at whether to legalize it or remain unmoved in the fight against drugs.

This is a must- see, worth every second, and the perfect eye-opener no matter which side of the fence you stand on. Learning the dirty secrets of homicide, abuse of acquiring a medical card, and the night-time violent raids of dispensaries who actually want to help the sick, the dying, and the needy will help solidify your current values and beliefs or remind you that although recreational and medical use of Marijuana is illegal on a Federal level, it's no Woodstock full of hippies and hooligan's spreading love.

California High forces the pro-legalization advocate to face the horrors the Sheriff's and Attorney's do every day when they discover yet another senseless murder, robbery (or worse). It also forces the nay Sayers's to understand the real motivation behind big business and pharmaceutical companies - money and nothing more.

Prepare to learn a real account of the start of the greatest State (and World) debate in history when watching this riveting film.

If you think you're already on-top of your game and know all you need to know, take an hour and learn just a little more.

10 / 10

Fascinating Film with Great Interviews

California High is a fascinating look into modern opinions on the potential of marijuana legalization in the state of California. The individual interviews were quite interesting and I also greatly enjoyed the cinematography. I was surprised to see that so many organizations and people are so against legalization in California.

I also think it's a bit unfair that the film is getting rated so low by legalization advocates. I fully support legalization, but I think it's important to understand the other side's arguments as well, especially if advocates wish to combat them effectively.

If you are interested in the history of marijuana in California or you like documentaries, I would definitely recommend this film.

10 / 10

Great Look inside the issues!

This was a great thought provoking movie. It gave a lot of detail on both sides of the legalizing marijuana issue. There was a lot of history about it up until now and the quest to get it legalized in California. It left me with a sense that this will not be a battle that will be done with anytime soon, although there has been a lot of progress in the legalization. I know it can be a help to a lot of people, and personally I feel that it is not as bad as alcohol and that's legal. The same with prescription drugs. They did bring up some things that are worrisome though, what if big business takes over? But it sure would help decrease the number of people locked up in jail for non-violent crimes and lowering the cost for running jails. Not to mention the cost of police using their time looking for farms and using resources for that instead of more violent crimes. If it were legal then the farmers would have another crop to grow. If California does legalize it I think that would be a huge step for other states as well. This movie will surely make you think about all the consequences either way.

10 / 10

great movie

I love to watch documentaries. I like to be challenged by things I'd never thought about before. This movie definitely scratched that itch. My favorite part is that it fairly balanced pro and against opinions. Myself, even after watching the movie, I'm not sure where I stand 100%, but I appreciate how intelligently it presents the issues. Intelligent is a great word for this movie. Sure, there were a "character" or two and some standard mj information. There were some opinions I could see myself completely agreeing with, and others that I couldn't wrap my head around, but I respected that the opinions were even presented, so that I could think about them for myself. It took a look at the history & future of laws and the importance California plays in what other states will do. This is a current conflict in the US. I even enjoyed looking at the beautiful California cinematography. As a teacher, I can see this being used in a variety of classroom setting--health, debate, history, writing, and more. Recommended, engaging movie you will continue to think about.